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Found 8 results

  1. My website host destroyed this post by dropping my images. I'll restore them in the future once I've figured out a reliable way to get them back up. Rules: This topic is intended to be SAFE FOR VIEWING, so there will be NO doll nudity. Thanks! This topic contains writeups for outfits I own that fit well [or not] on MDD, 45, 48/50cm Obitsu-type bodies, including AZO2 and Angel Philia. Disclaimer: While I've done the best I can to ensure the accuracy of my posts, I make no guarantees about what clothes will fit. Please check with the vendor before you buy! 2024 Update: I no longer own half the outfits here and no longer own any curvy bodies. Going forward, I'll focus on comparing clothing fit between MDD and Obitsu. Quick Links AZONE (AZO2) AZO2 Duffle Coat AZO2 Bunny Hoodie AZO2 Simple Tee AZO2 Striped Tee AZO2 Pullover Hoodie AZO2 Zip Up Hoodie AZO2 Cut & Sew Camisole Set AZO2 Off Shoulder Sweater AZO2 Summer Uniform AZONE (45cm, 50cm) 45cm: Knit Sweater Dress 45cm: Summer Uniform from Is the order a rabbit? 50cm: Camisole Dress / Cardigan Set 50cm: Summer Sailor Uniform 45cm: Camisole Set 45cm: Swimsuit VOLKS (Outfits for MDD/DDP) V-Neck Tee Sailor Suit (Mini) Rena Ryugu Uniform Set Striped Parka Set Halter Dress Set High School Girl Set (Navy Vest Version) White Button Down Shirt Unicorn Hoodie Set (Blue) & Cat Hoodie Set (Pink) Fishtail Parka Set White Rose Elementary School Jumper Uniform Sporty Casual Set Olive Suspenders Set Milky White Knit Dress Set High School Set (White/Pink - 2022 Version) VOLKS (Outfits for DDS/DD) Khaki Jacket Chiffon Suspenders Set Athletic Festival Set (Gym Clothes) Sailor Suit (SS/S) Natsuki's Summer Uniform (S/M/L) Sailor Swimsuit Set Weekend at the Amusement Park Set (partial set) Denim Bikini Set Pink Down Coat Set LITTLEWONDER.JP LittleWonder 50cm Jumper Dress LittleWonder Boat Neck Tee LittleWonder Sailor Blouse LittleWonder Cardigan, Ribbon and Skirt LittleWonder Dress Shirt + Tie SHOES / SOCKS Volks Striped Socks Volks School Loafers (Mini) Volks Fluffy Boots (Mini) HDP Loose Socks ACCESSORIES Azone School Bag Angel Philia Stand BODIES / PARTS Angel Philia Type-C body Angel Philia Type-C5 bust --- (Not Reviewed Yet) --- Imoneko Silicone Bust for O50 Imoneko Silicone Torso for MDD JP DEALERS Polkadot Lingerie (DD SS) Chocomero Lingerie (MDD) velvet*paw Sailor One-Piece (MDD) Kagikakko "Not Doll" Parka (MDD) Petit Marie Summer Sailor Uniform (MDD) OTHER MAKERS (TTYA, Nine9) Nine9 Oversized Flannel TTYA Gym Shorts (DD) TTYA Raglan (MDD) TTYA Denim Shorts (MDD) Visuadoll Denim Salopette Clothes for Azone 45cm Many MDD/DDP clothes will fit readily on the Azone 45cm body (Iris Collect Petit). The fit will be similar to MDD (M) rather than MDD (S), so watch out on tight fitting garments made specifically for the S bust (Japanese dealer clothes). Tops will run shorter and can sometimes barely cover the waist. Clothes designed for Obitsu 48/50 will run long in the sleeves for tops and longer for bottoms. Tops on Small/Medium Busts (Obitsu S/M, AZO2 C, Angel Philia H2/H/C1/I) On normal sized busts, you have many options. Azone tops fit the best. Short Sleeves - Many MDD tops will fit, but the hem may be short Long Sleeves - Tops designed for Obitsu & Azone will fit the best. Long-sleeved MDD/DDP tops will be too short in the sleeves and may run short in the torso. Besides Azone, LittleWonder carries tops made specifically for Obitsu. (Difference in sleeve length between MDD and Obitsu tops) Tops on Large Busts (Obitsu L, AZO2 G/I, Angel Philia G/C2/C3) Your options are limited since these sizes are too big for most MDD-sized clothing and not sized properly for SD & DD-sized clothing. Most clothing that fits well will be from Azone's AZO2 line. Baggy MDD clothing can sometimes work. LittleWonder also makes clothing for this size. Some DD clothing may fit acceptably if it's sized for SS/S/M, but tops will run long on the torso and wide around the neck and shoulders. Bottoms on Obitsu 48/50 Many MSD/MDD skirts fit readily on these bodies. Besides Azone, LittleWonder makes a line of compatible skirts specifically for Obitsu 48/50. Some MDD shorts fit, but I've found that getting them past the legs is a challenge. Nine9 and TTYA make shorts, but between the two, I've had better luck getting the Nine9 ones up and less luck with the TTYA denim ones. Bottoms on Angel Philia-C Angel Philia C has moderately slim hips but thicker legs. They'll fit into most MSD/MDD skirts, but they'll sit a little bit higher and run a little shorter. No shorts will fit on AP-C. MDD shorts won't pass through the legs unless they're designed for Mochiashi, but DD shorts will be oversized. If your girl wants to wear shorts, avoid this size. Bottoms on AZO2 + Angel Philia H/I Shorts Buy DD-sized shorts. The Azone denim shorts, while simple, are cheap, easy to find and fit well due to their elasticity. TTYA or Nine9 make nice pairs, but they can run tight on Angel Philia. Skirts AZO2 skirts fit the best. They slip up the legs and are just the right waist size. I don't recommend MDD skirts on AZO2 and Angel Philia. Getting them past the legs is tough. They'll be micro-mini length unless that's what you're after. DD-sized skirts will look oversized. Compared to MDD and Azone skirts, they flare out and run considerably wider. Avoid SD-sized skirts. The waist is too wide, so they'll fall down and sit unnaturally low. Shoes (just get Volks MDD shoes) Obitsu feet are advertised as 6cm in size vs 5cm for MDD and 5.5cm for DDP. However, I find that Azone-made shoes run small, despite being made for Obitsu feet. Every pair of Volks MDD shoes I've gotten fits well, especially those that are advertised as fitting both DDP & Mochiashi feet. Non-Volks Shoes made for MDD are hit and miss. (I check the fit on Azone, Volks and other shoes in a dedicated post) Measurements Disclaimer: These measurements were pulled from a mix of sources + my own measurements as a basis for comparison. I don't guarantee their full accuracy. Azone AZO2 Hips: 23.5cm Waist: 14.0cm Bust (C/G/I): 18.75cm/22cm/23cm Arm Length: 15.5cm Thigh Circumference: 14.8cm Angel Philia Hips (H/C): 23.5cm/21.5cm Waist (H/C): 14.0cm/13.8cm Bust (H2/H/C5): 19cm(?)/20cm/21cm Arm Length: 15cm Thigh Circumference (H/C): 15.5cm/13.6cm AP torso numbers run 1cm higher due to a "thick" trunk but are shaped similar to Obitsu S/M/L busts. "C" torsos are close to O50 dimensions and wear most O50/MDD bottoms while "H" torsos wear DD bottoms like AZO2. MDD Hips: 18.5cm Waist: 13.5cm Bust: 15.5cm/17cm/18cm Arm Length: 12cm Thigh Circumference: 11cm (13cm for mochi) Dollbot Hips: 22.0cm Waist: 14.5cm Bust: 17.0cm (S) Arm Length: 12.0cm Thigh Circumference: 13.5cm Azone 45 Hips: 21.0cm Waist: 14.0cm Bust: 17.5cm Arm Length: 13.5cm Thigh Circumference: ~12.5cm (estimate) Obitsu 48/50 Hips: 20.0cm Waist: 13.0cm Bust (S/M/L): 17.0cm(?)/18.5cm/20.25cm Arm Length: 15cm Thigh Circumference: 12.8cm Volks DDP Hips: 21.0cm Waist: 13.5cm Bust: 17.5cm Arm Length: 13.5cm <-- (This is MUCH shorter than the Obitsu, so watch out when buying long sleeve shirts that fit a DDP) Thigh Circumference: ??? DDP vs MDD comparison photo - Arm length up to the wrist is about the same - Upper torso length is the same. Lower torso is longer. - DDP is most similar to Azone 45 but with longer legs and a differently proportioned torso. - Foot size comparison
  2. chantelle

    DDdy Spoons Thigh Mod

    I saw this post where this person puts spoons inside the thighs of the DDdy and AZO2. From my understanding, I believe its to prevent the thighs from popping out by filling up empty space. Has anyone tried this? If so, how did it go? (note: embed states the pictures are sensitive but its just images of the spoons and the inside of the thighs)
  3. Hi, eveyone Since Obitsu relased their new super whity color I been want to get my hand on one, and just in luck I found someone geting rid of an Azone Iris Collect doll body in that color. By checking on Azone's page the body belong to Iris Collect Kano winter date ver, so far the only azo2 that has the super whity colors. Azo2 is also the body tpye in the obitsu family I never had, so I'm really happy I got to own one. Just right in time my semi white DDH-20/DCH-20 Abyssia who I just (almost finish at the time) finish her paint job needs a body. The photo I took here are in afternoon and lamp lighting, the only differnt is her head being a bit more dusty(which might because the blushing with I used some light gray and blue. here is the photo of thr headcap(DDH20 SW) and the body, lighting is day light shot with iphone. As it shown here they are really alike, with the DD semi white being a litte cool toned but they are bascislly the same in person. This is also the first body I got since they annoced the texture change for their limbs shells to something softer. I do like Abyssia can sit on her feet now and the new testure do felt nicer for me who have some really annoying sensory issues, but there is one problem with this change being sometimes her upper arm joint ball might pop out of the shell when I'm dressing her up.Her wrist joint is still that good old ob joint, even with a softer hand now I still found it hard to pose for some photos and changing hands, I might change it out to a MDD one in the future in that way she can also have more hand choices too. Not gonna lie I do like how Abyssia with this body and the colour is a nice match. Now it comes to getting outfits for her, which would be something. She is wearing azone's hoodie and shorts here, but I wanna measure her just incase.Her bust is AZO2 I which is biggest in the AZO2 line. Here are the tough measurment, might give an ideal for picking outfit for azo2 Height:50cm Shoulder:10cm Bust(AZO2 I):25cm waist:16cm Hip:24.5cm Thight circumference: 15cm legs : 30cm arms(no hand):16cm She might fit some shorts and skirts for Kumako by Puyoo or Imomo dolls, but I havent try it yet. I will update the post when I have more info about it. Thank you for reading~
  4. CaraOReilly

    Meet Cara O'Reilly

    Hey everyone! So I guess this is where I post pictures of my doll... Here name is my username as she will most likely be the only one I have for quite a while. Anyway, her story is that she hales from County Cavan in Ireland. She is a high school student who has an interest in history and will be starting he final year soon. Here she is:
  5. So, my new (new to me, she is "used") Iris Collect Sumire arrived today, but after looking more into the clothing that is available or apparently the lack there of I'm worried that I will not be able to get any other outfits than the clothes she comes with. Does anyone know what clothes actually fit on the azo2 body? If I buy clothes for the DD/DDS will they fit despite the fact that the Dollfie is like 7cm taller? I'm just having some doubts about my purchase now... I'm currently at work so when I get home and open the box with her in it I'll probably not have doubts anymore especially since I'm coming from a recast minifee... Anyway, any information about where to look for clothes would be awesome!
  6. CaraOReilly

    Cara's Life

    I'm going to be making stories about Cara's life and share her story. So here is the first one I've made where she is trying to read: Hope you enjoy, more to come!
  7. CaraOReilly

    Hello everyone! 👋

    Hi everyone. My name is Dan and I'm new here. I have had a BJD for a while now, but she is a recast minifee which gets me shunned in a lot of areas in the community. I bought her without knowing what a recast was and the community was not very open or welcoming to outsiders at the time, nor was there much information on why a recast was such a bad thing. That said, fast forward to now and I have my first legit BJD now, an Azone Iris Collect Sumire. She is so great and I wish there had been more information out there about buying off the used market, but enough on me, her name is Cara (hence my username), and I'm not sure how to post images here so that will have to wait I guess.
  8. So much to my frustration and dismay, I now own TWO Azo2 with broken left feet. The failing point of both is the connection piece that the screw actively screws into,not the ring. One just completely shattered, and the other has one half broken off the top. Does anyone have a suggestion how to repair these fail points? (Both dolls were second hand.I'll admit that the first break was likely my fault somehow.The second I literally just got in the door and I think was either sent broken or broke during transport)
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