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Found 19 results

  1. Emil

    Emil's Garden

    Hello! I'm hoping to start a thread to show the dolls I've gotten (if that's alright!)~ Mostly DDs, but I have a few Smart Dolls I might get around to taking pictures of eventually 😄 Hopefully I'll have all of them posted here by the end of the month! (And hopefully I've figured out how to use Flickr by then... 😅) As of right now, everyone's using random wigs and eyes until I get their final ones in September (hopefully)! I'm trying to experiment with editing a bit on phone pictures according to each girl's style 😄 Here's Vera Lexington, my DDdy Towa! She likes lolita outfits and she'll probably have a big of a magical girl theme! She's wearing the Volks Peach Pink Lolita (?) DDdy outfit! It came with my secondhand D'Coord 😄 It's missing the hat, but it's still pretty cute! Her wig is this one from Volks! And her eyes are her defaults (Volks Animetic Type-J Akane 22mm) Sorry if the quality isn't that great 😦 I don't have my DSLR right now, but I'm honestly convinced my phone takes better pictures at this point since it's just an old Nikon D3300
  2. dolloramore

    Introducing Louisa!

    I'm tagging as NSFW because of doll nudity! Hi everyone! I'm very happy to announce that I finally received my first doll 🥳 Sure, they're naked and bald but I still love them already so so much 🥰 Let me introduce you to Louisa, my beloved OC now doll incarnate: Bonus in spoilers: headshot art of them They're a SQ-lab Tsubaki head on a DDdy-F3 body, faceup was made by Sadol! Eyes are a DIY, I'll replace them. I settled for Semi-white as a color closer to their skin wasn't avaiable. So far i've ordered their wig (who will be a big challenge to style like how I draw their hair lmao) and a Towa default dress whom I snagged secondhand. I plan to buy them an outfit and a Peach Pai Plus bust. That's about it! thanks for looking 💕
  3. dolloramore

    DDDY Outfits?

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for some pretty and detailled outfits that will fit a DDDY body! Sadly for me I'm struggling to find DDDY size clothing or mostly find casual clothes 🤧 Here's some exemples of what I'm looking for: Is there other brands/sites that offer this type of outfits?
  4. chantelle

    DDdy Spoons Thigh Mod

    I saw this post where this person puts spoons inside the thighs of the DDdy and AZO2. From my understanding, I believe its to prevent the thighs from popping out by filling up empty space. Has anyone tried this? If so, how did it go? (note: embed states the pictures are sensitive but its just images of the spoons and the inside of the thighs)
  5. The title says everything. I'm planning on getting both DDdy lower torso and chest of one of this two brands as I heard both have a very good quality. First I was thinking peach pai was my best option because its lower price, but then I noticed there are some shape differences between both that made me doubt. I tried looking for some comparison photos but no success. All i found were photos of one, or the other that barely helped. So, do you, beautiful, wise and all mighty dollfie community, have any comparison images so I can make my decision?
  6. MonochromaticNocturne

    Does Anyone have DD Large Hands on DDdy Body?

    Hello! I'm currently planning my first DD, a Towa with a DDH-03 head that will share the body but use a modded DDIII-SS bust (I want that doll to have a curvy/androgynous body). I've got everything figured out as far as extra parts I'll need, except the hands. I don't think the large hands are that popular, so finding comparisons of more than just the sales images is difficult. So instead, I was curious if anyone has the large size hands on their dynamite body and if you'd be willing to post a picture? I'm just wondering if they'll help with making the doll look more androgynous since they're kinda the "masculine" hands of DD's (they're used on the DD boy bodies, after all) Any help is appreciated!
  7. Hello Does anyone know some Dollfie Dream Dynamite Stores for clothing and/or some clothing patterns? Preferably the patterns free, but anything would be nice too! Thank you so much in advance!!
  8. Emil

    DDdy Miu Amaha arrival!

    This weekend I placed an order on Mandarake for the Miu Amaha I've been eyeing for over half a year now. She arrived today and I'm absolutely in love! Unfortunately it was dark by the time I opened her, so I'll try to get better pictures tomorrow... Pannya! Surprisingly, her shirt doesn't seem to stain. It looks like it may have been washed? Perhaps her previous owner treated it to remove excess dyes. She's my first DD on the DDII frame as well as my first hard headcap (🥲 pried it off with a butter knife and hair dryer.... should I just buy a blank head to steal the headcap from it for her??) I'm very happy with her! Not sure how I'll style her yet, so I'm keeping her as Miu for now. She marks my 9th DD and 13th Volks doll! Almost double digits for DDs 😄
  9. Gweneveryn

    A2 (Nier: Automata)

    I finished A2 a while ago but I was lazy and forgot to upload photos until now lol She is a DDdy with a modded M bust.
  10. Guest

    2B is here!

    2B finally came, I didn’t like her wig, so I put my Angel Philia Ellie’s wig on. I’ll probably buy a different wig for her.
  11. Hi people, long time no see. Hope this post is in the right place. I was looking for some alternative options for DD and DDdy bodies and I found this: https://www.chinahao.com/product/18545807457/. It looks like this torso is very flexible and, compared to the original vynil one, it's more posable as well. Yet, I don't understand some things. (Image down below). First, the material which it's made of. At first glance I guess is made of silicone? I'm not sure. So, if anyone knows about it, It will be appreciated. Second,, what do "Dy3" and "Vintage Dy" mean? I only know terms like "DDdy", "f3" , "DD - III", but I never heard about those ones. And third, does anyboy know if this product is worth the money? I tell this because the brand "other" is a red alarm for me. Thanks in advance.
  12. Have I mentioned lately that I love her? Jewelry by the stunningly talented @Cauldroness, Elise is a custom-painted 2B by Angel Toast. I tried to grab my Big Kid Camera for these buttttt of course the batteries were dead, the charger went missing, and the natural light was dying, so I made do with my phone. Someday I'll take real photos. 😉
  13. ShadowXM1

    Outside with Svetlana Take 2

    Today, I noticed that my rosebushes were looking wonderful this year, so I decided to take Svetlana, and my camera out for a photoshoot. As you can see, they look so much better than they originally did. My dad liked this Pic so much, that I sent it to him to post on Facebook. Svetlana beside the first Rosebush; two red rosebushes on each side and a pink rose bush in the middle. Middle one... Last one... A side view of my lilies. None of them are ready to bloom just YET, probably not until later on this summer. A shot down the way. WAS gonna show you my blooming Lilies Of The Valley, but they've already bloomed. S - "So nice outside! Nice to get some fresh air again." Sorry about that Svetlana, but you know I haven't been feeling well lately... S - "I know I know, but you need to take better care of yourself and show us more attention; you cease to do, might have horde of Dollfies tying you up to bed." Geez Svetlana.... S - "You no want bad things happen to you then perhaps heed what your Russian Daughter say to you yes?" Yeah yeah, you don't have to sound so menacing though. Another view of the first rose bush... Close up of pink Rose bush... Another shot of the further bush... I know there's not a lot of Dollfies in this shot, I mainly took shots of the Rose Bushes... S - "Aww, my poor papa. You look terrible, mine no mean to be so menacing to you you poor thing." Don't worry, I'll get over it; already I'm feeling better than I usually do. S - "Okay enough pictures papa, you head inside with me and camera and you take you some medicine yes?" Okay I think I will. There's gotta be a better time when I'm feeling better to take pictures of you and the girls. Thanks for looking everybody, don't worry, it's just hayfever. I get it every single year in May around this time, nothing THAT serious. Hopefully I'll be able to post some more stuff soon once I'm 100% better.
  14. AveragePigeon

    Buying Used Dollfie Dreams?

    I've been drooling over Dollfie Dreams for years, but the price of buying new is way out of my budget, and when recently getting into Mandarake for 1/6 scale dolls, I saw they had a section for Dollfie Dreams. Seems like things are relatively inexpensive, around 28,000 Yen for a DDdy body. I wondered if buying used was a reasonable choice for budget, or if I should just save up to buy new? Also, I've seen a lot of heads that are shiny, like this one: https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1145946138&ref=flist&lang=en. What causes this? Is it fixable? She's such a good price that I don't want to pass her up, but I'm also very uninformed when it comes to Dollfie Dreams, so I have no idea if this is a sealant problem, age problem, or something that's super strange.
  15. Hi guys! I moved from the Arizona community to here in DFW Texas! In said move, I somehow found that my DDDy Miko's shoulder joint cracked and then fell apart! What do I do? Is there a replacement part I can buy or something? If so, where do I find this? I am so sad and frustrated because she is my FAVORITE dolly! And I feel like I can't even enjoy her! So depressing, lol.
  16. She is clearly confused. Short or long? Here is her original wig: My styling cream and wig spray just came in the other day. I worked on the top one first. Haven't done much with Towa’s original. Started to, but then I got busy so I’ll just have to redo it all haha. Oh, and here is a picture of the first wig when I just got it, pre-style: Much better, huh? Lmao. I still have to fluff out her tails though, so they don’t look like they’re hanging limp.
  17. So I've been collecting Dollfie Dream gals for about 3 years now, beginning with an original Hatsune Miku I purchased from the Volks booth at Anime Expo. Snow Miku followed soon after, and a couple years later I met a group of very cool people (now my friends) who "introduced" me to my daughter and first MDD, a standard Rena. (now my Avatar) Fast forward to the present and I have just over 20 girls and the joy of this hobby just keeps growing. However all my gals (and one boy) are recent from the time I started to now. So I began wondering after reading some Dollfie history, what the past held, what I may have missed, and if anyone from the past may be a fit for the "family" I've built. After doing some research online, here and amongst friends in the doll community, I arrived at the perfect gal to pull forward in time to join us on our journey. After a relatively short search, she came into view! Today I am proud to welcome my first elder doll, Dollfie Dream Dynamite: Escalayer! More pics to come! 😊
  18. Hi there! I just caved in and bought a Dollfie Dream on Y!J. I won the auction and the item had very little information attached, it said it was the DDdyII body but nothing more. Could anyone here help me identify this doll? The bust part seem to be option parts made of silicone, could it be the Peach Pai? Thanks in advance! Lin http://Just won this girl! by L B, on Flickr
  19. Pickle

    A Lovely Return

    Hello everyone! Thank you for visiting my thread! Today, I will be sharing with you an unboxing of a very special DD that has always been close to my heart since I originally encountered her sculpt… Miu Amaha. I got her on a 5 month layaway last year around the summer months via Rinkya after winning her in an auction (Rinkya actually allows 5-month layaways for purchases over $250 USD). She arrived to me around mid November but I planned on her being my Christmas present so I did not open her until Christmas morning! Please welcome my dearest Miu back (even though she is not the exact same Miu or Umi from before) ! --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- Thank you for stopping by and seeing her unboxing! 💕 --- 🌟🌟🌟 An update on how she’s doing currently is that she has changed bodies and is now on a DDS S bust body. I’m planning on upgrading her to a M bust and seeing how she takes to it but if she decides she likes the S Bust, then that’s how it’ll be. She seems much happier on this body than on the DDdy (ironic as my past Miu was on a DDS body for quite some time and I did like her that way better overall), which I'm very happy about though unfortunate that the DDdy didn't end up suiting either of our tastes. Regardless, her eyes just seemed to light up when I put her on the DDS body and she seemed to open up to me more too, which was great. It felt a little awkward for a bit, at the beginning, and I was starting to worry, but luckily, the body changed helped! 😊 Again, thank you for taking a look! I’ll have more about her on the new doll info page in the future for anyone curious to know more! Hope you all have a wonderful afternoon! 👋
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