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Found 5 results

  1. miraclelovely

    1/1 Papermoon Chii

    so... this is kind of a really wild story, LOL. ages ago, when i joined mfc for the first time i saw this HUGE 1/1 scale doll of Chii from Chobits, and my first thought was "i bet nobody on this entire site will ever own that" because... well, you know. so i didn't even bother adding it to my wishlist or seeking it out. i'll skip all the details and just get to the point- someone joined the site recently, claiming they owned it and said they're selling it. and now i have a 1/1 scale Chii doll... LOOOOL. i just figured it'd be really neat to share since i don't see anything about papermoon dolls in general online and while i was interested in the Chii, i tried to do some digging and couldn't find much AT ALL- not even photos showing the joints and stuff. i plan to update this thread with some more information about papermoon dolls and the joints and their range if anybody would be interested in it... but for now, here are just a few goofy pictures i took of Chii today (since she just arrived) her stand has yet to be shipped out because i didn't want to risk breaking her (it's heavy and steel... and she did take damage on her neck/chest area from the shipping- but the seller did a fantastic job wrapping her up safely, i genuinely don't know how it happened) so for a while, she'll just be chilling cuz i can't figure out the balance on this thing just yet. also, i attached a photo of her will my dollfie and one of my azones for scale... anyways, i hope you guys think this is as neat as i do cuz i know she is kinda creepy (LMFAO sorry) but it was just waaaay too interesting of an opportunity to pass up. it's just so fascinating and i really wanted more information on how these things work. also! that isn't the clothing she came wearing, my sister just put her in her old halloween costume for the jokes LOL
  2. I've decided to finally post pics of my Obitsu 150. She's life size at around 5 feet tall and can wear my clothes if I pin them because she's very skinny. She's pretty much just a giant Obitsu doll made of vinyl with an internal plastic skeleton. She came in a giant box as big as a coffin that I can literally lay down in. The shipping alone was $500 from Japan. She sits really well in a chair. I bought her a human size small bodysuit to protect her vinyl. She fits in all my lolita dresses better than me, that's for sure. I gave her a temporary faceup with stickers I had made in Adobe Illustrator and took her to a doll meetup. She met a Volks Chobits Chii! But I took the stickers off after this. I then sent her head off for a faceup. It was kind of creepy having her headless body hanging around for months, so I had to pack her body back up in her box but it's finally done. I got her a new wig by Arda: So here she is all done! Inside her joints there are screws that you can use to adjust the tension of her joints but I just don't have the patience for it so she flops over a lot. Honestly, she's a really cool doll but she's just too much for me. I blew $175 on a metal saddle stand for her but it kind of squishes her butt and she doesn't stand on it well so she's better off sitting in chairs. Speaking of her butt, it's kind of...a lot. So here's a bonus pic of her badonkadonk if you'd like a laugh: extra bonus measurments chart:
  3. so i just found out that volks made a dollfie dream of chii from chobits in 2003 i believe and i cant believe it lol, the chii doll is so old and rare now, it would be a dream to actually own one from volks. what im doing is i have a semi white dd3 body and im getting a ddh-03 head to custom for chii. I will post pics when she arrives.
  4. miraclelovely


    i really want to turn my upcoming Manaka into Chii from chobits. the problem is that i'm not sure whether i should stick her on the regular DD body, DDP body (i feel like it fits her face better), or a MDD body (i also think it fits, and damn its just so cute). body aside though, i need wigs and eyes.. and clothes.. every single time i buy wigs/eyes/clothes for my dolls, i get screwed over and end up with something completely different from the listing photos. i do check reviews to make sure what i'm buying at least looks a little like the listing, but i just seem to get royally screwed especially on wigs. it's not even a matter of the styling changing- but rather the material/texture used to make it, and the color. because of the fact that i've bought items so many times for my resin dolls and got what was essentially a waste of money, i'm super weary to buy stuff now and they all sit around with nothing.. sad. i don't want my dollfie to meet that same fate, and so would anyone have recommendations in mind based on personal experience? aside from stuff that looks like Chii, i'm also looking for wigs in black/brown- and eyes in brown/grey/blue.. but i really like the more dull and lifeless looking eyes that i see on lots of custom DDH01/DDH10. as for clothing, just anything fairly priced that wouldn't stain. sorry if this is a weird post or quite demanding but in all honesty i'm just so scared to shop for actual stuff for my dolls because it hasn't really ever ended well T_T (side note, i also have a few characters that i could stick onto manaka and if it's alright that i post those concepts here, i will in a reply)
  5. Meowjima

    A Happy (Early) Halloween.

    Decluttered and repacked my dolls today to put in a safer place. Figured I'd dress them up for one last photoshoot I am actually tempted to have these two cosplay as Asuka and Rei sometime next year - either that, or bunny girls, though I would have to find a way to hide Chii's ears under Rei's bob without it looking too odd. I also wanted to put Chii in something different for once, although I really do love the quality/look of her uniform. This was also the first time I really got the chance to compare them side by side and notice the differences in DD and SmD bodies. And as you can see, I gave my SmD some new eyes, or at least temporary ones.
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