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Found 35 results

  1. Hello everyone. I like Rapunzel. I would like to ask you for some opinions/suggestions with head choices. What are my otpions? This idea sits in my head and heart pretty long time. I used to have barbies before Dollfie Dreams and Smart Dolls. The goal of this build is to find some 1/3 in real-like or half-real style to bestly suit Rapunzel. Idont think I can get succes with mattel but I wish I could. I would like to put it on dollfie dream body since they are cheaper scond hand and easier to obtain in EU. En the end the result should end up in 1/3 scale Rapunzel. Super Dollfie Rapunzel is not option for me, it is expensive and too rare. Also I think that vinyl is in much lesser danger than resin with me. Here I shall put some fan-art and reference picture. I do not claim any ownership of rights or originility thoose are just as an ifnormational material.
  2. Mitsuna


  3. Mitsuna


  4. Mitsuna


  5. Mitsuna

    Kamome & Shiki

    DDH28 DDP Kamiyama Shiki and DDH06 DD Kushima Kamome from Summer Pockets
  6. Mitsuna

    Kushima Kamome

    DDH06 DD Kushima Kamome from Summer Pockets
  7. Mitsuna

    Kushima Kamome

    DDH06 DD Kushima Kamome from Summer Pockets
  8. Hi DD members, Not long ago my DDS Saber arrived and a funny thing in comparison to Smart Doll is that they are always nude. Also my Smart Doll girl Shisha is not happy with the attitude of the newcomer. Disclaimer: NSFW because of doll nudity. -If your eyes are going blind, not my fault. -Are your dolls jealous of you looking at other dolls, not my fault. -If your dolls trying to kill you for seeing this post, not my fault. and the rest is also not my fault. Enjoy.
  9. I finished my Mini Dollfie Dream's faceup today! I think she turned out really well. ☺️ Can't post photos yet, unfortunately, but I still wanted to share haha. 🤳
  10. Hello, I’m very new to Dollfie Dream dolls in the sense that I’ve just gotten my very first one! I’ve looked into buying one for a while now and wanted to make sure that it would be fairly Procter as I didn’t want her to vinyl to get stained so I opted on buying her a body suit and a few other things. The issue is that I’m not sure how to zip the neck up or where to put the rest of it. The suit extends past her neck I thought maybe it was meant to go somewhat into the head but I’m scared it might dance her! Could it be the type of body I bought? For reference I have a Mochi-ashi body type, I bought the suit that said it was for Mdd (it says ver.2on it if taht changes anything) as I assumed that would be the one to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated !!
  11. Can this be fixed because I don't think can. https://ibb.co/Dzzjqj0 https://ibb.co/HhcP2Dg
  12. Breanna

    Some recent pictures of my Miku DD :)

    I also have a doll instagram @bre_dolls_1998 if you would like to follow me!
  13. Sticks-Ara

    Star Wars Celebration with our dolls :)

    We took our dolls to Star Wars Celebration in cosplay. They got a lot of attention and it was so much fun. The next time they return close to home, we’ll take them with us again 🙂
  14. Chiakisenpai

    My first Dollfie!

    My Dollfie body finally arrived today! I got a base body III, and the head is from D'coord (DDH09). I still haven't figured out what to name her, I guess it'll take some time~ I bought another wig from Volks and I think I might like it better than the one I have now. I also went ahead and got a body stocking so she'll be protected. Now the one thing I really need to start looking for are shoes, I'm a total shoe fanatic lol. I'm super glad she's finally here and I just wanted to share some quick photos ~
  15. Starr

    Fantasia Gray.jpg

    From the album: Fantasia

  16. Starr

    Jin says Hey~.JPG

    From the album: Dollfie Dream Boys~

  17. Starr


    From the album: Fantasia

  18. abs2891

    Face Reshape

    I still don’t feel confident trying a whole face up, so I decided to get a random completed head from Volks. My selection ended up being a DDH-08. Skin tone was flesh, though it seemed to run a bit dark compared to new flesh items when I checked with store staff. For the sake of trying it out, I put her on Miku’s body anyways to see if I liked her on a DD body. I didn’t hate the look, but I wasn’t sold, so I began to consider other options and arrived at the conclusion that if the chin could be less pointy, then she’d be cute as a MDD. So, I went to work. First up, I removed the eyes (and experimented with what I’d put in later) And then began the process of sanding, and sanding, and sanding some more. I both did a little bit inside the head to make the eyes sit more flush and then for the chin, started with 400 grit and eventually polished up to 3000. Was a little worried bc her lower face was starting to look a different color from the rest but, the polishing let me blend and work that out, leaving just the eye selection and getting everything put together. If you’re thinking, wait the mouth changed too, yeah, wasn’t the plan, but one hand slip and I had to decide what to do to make things work. In the end I’m going to consider it a “happy accident” ala Bob Ross bc I am pretty happy with how it turned out though maybe someday in the future when I’m feeling bold I’ll repaint her lips. and the remnants of my 3ish hour struggle lol In terms of final thoughts, would agree with sentiments expressed elsewhere that it definitely would be easier on your hands to start with a dremel haha still happy to report it can be done by hand if you’re willing to just keep on sanding 😉
  19. [Chichi9521]

    Where to purchase Dollfies

    Hello, Forgive me if I am blind or stupid but I couldn't find a topic or location on this so just thought I would ask. Where do you guys purchase Dollfie's from other than Volks, like for example I'd like to get Sakura Miku as I missed her at the time but the only place I know of is Mandarake, but I was wondering if there was other places, preferably ship to the UK. Thank you!
  20. miraclelovely


    i really want to turn my upcoming Manaka into Chii from chobits. the problem is that i'm not sure whether i should stick her on the regular DD body, DDP body (i feel like it fits her face better), or a MDD body (i also think it fits, and damn its just so cute). body aside though, i need wigs and eyes.. and clothes.. every single time i buy wigs/eyes/clothes for my dolls, i get screwed over and end up with something completely different from the listing photos. i do check reviews to make sure what i'm buying at least looks a little like the listing, but i just seem to get royally screwed especially on wigs. it's not even a matter of the styling changing- but rather the material/texture used to make it, and the color. because of the fact that i've bought items so many times for my resin dolls and got what was essentially a waste of money, i'm super weary to buy stuff now and they all sit around with nothing.. sad. i don't want my dollfie to meet that same fate, and so would anyone have recommendations in mind based on personal experience? aside from stuff that looks like Chii, i'm also looking for wigs in black/brown- and eyes in brown/grey/blue.. but i really like the more dull and lifeless looking eyes that i see on lots of custom DDH01/DDH10. as for clothing, just anything fairly priced that wouldn't stain. sorry if this is a weird post or quite demanding but in all honesty i'm just so scared to shop for actual stuff for my dolls because it hasn't really ever ended well T_T (side note, i also have a few characters that i could stick onto manaka and if it's alright that i post those concepts here, i will in a reply)
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