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Found 12 results

  1. archeotech

    Dollbot (New Brand 2022)

    Hi all, I went here thinking there would be a thread on these dolls but I'm shocked I can't find anything so guessing lots of people don't know about this yet! They are a new Japanese vinyl doll brand and just launched in February so still very new and just getting off the ground. Currently you can order blank heads, 44cm bodies (MDD size) and hands in the two skin tones available (Tan and white skin). You can also order two complete doll sets, which are two super cute fox girls. Orders close on those soon and they'll ship later this year I think. They don't ship overseas yet so unfortunately you'll need to use a proxy service like From Japan, or a forwarding service like Big In Japan. I just received my order today of the two bodies so hoping I'll be able to get a review together soon but on the whole I am very impressed! A few quick things, the white skin is a very close match for Volks DD semi-white. The heads, which are amazing (I adore the expression), fit on DD bodies but are a tiny bit loose. This might be fixed by adding something like glue or varnish to the inside of the hole or worse case tie an elastic band on the inside. Also they have the open mouth mod and you can remove the tongue and mouth piece! The vinyl is very soft so probably more prone to staining. I had a look and the main website is down for maintenance but looks like it'll be back online over the weekend. Twitter: https://twitter.com/DollbotOfficial/media Website: https://dollbot.jp/ My review and MDD comparison
  2. Silent

    Grandma's cake

    Do you have any grandma or grandpa character in your collection? Or any senior? Here is my grandma doll. I know it is unusual and hope not offensive.
  3. Silent

    It is not halloween yet

    I played WoW during covid. Every day. It was my another life. Or maybe primary one. My first covenant was not Venthyr which you see in first picture. I rediscovered venthyr last year because I wanted transmog for Halloween. As showed in Rapunzel topic. She is just placeholder. Grandma doll (who got head switch - og grandma head is back back Kuremata) will be death knight. I primed armor with Plastidip today. Sword will wait with priming, I want some details (skulls, maybe tiny candles... idk yet).
  4. I found an Azone Russian Blue doll at Goodwill, I'm having trouble figuring out where I can buy replacement parts/clothes for her. She has a completely missing hand, her other elbow joint is broken, a foot is broken off, and the clothes are in pretty poor quality (+not all the items she should come with ofc).
  5. Gamma Ray

    Leah - The Fall of 2023

    I took a few photos of Leah as we're getting into the middle of fall. I actually had one more photo, but it didn't turn out right. My phone couldn't get the focus right, and I couldn't influence the focus because I was already doing so much else off camera to make the posing work. Leah is wearing the Iplehouse SID cat clothes. This time it's the kitty overalls and the kitty crop top shirt. I think this outfit works very nicely on the Dollmore Model Doll body. It fits Leah well, and the Model Doll legs make this cute overall skirt an extra lovely show of legs, with much of Leah's beautiful thighs showing yet the overalls are still very nicely covering Leah's lower body. This is the first time I'm using these Dollmore boots and the Sophia's umbrella. While these boots are new, I had to glue the heels pretty much right after taking them out of their bag. Oh well. While I don't think these boots are specifically for the Model Doll high heel feet despite the moderately sized heel in the boots, the high heel feet with their extreme high heel arch worked well enough inside the boots. I was relieved to not have to change Leah's feet. In hindsight, I'm not sure if these boots were the best choice for the outfit, but I just really wanted to use them. I'll probably use this outfit with Leah's white high heels next time. Maybe her black high heels. The Sophia's umbrella is something I got from Aimee and Daria's Doll Outlet in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. It's a very nice little umbrella, with a wraparound tie-down and also a little click when the umbrella is fully opened. It's also lighter than the umbrellas I got in the past which helps Leah to handle it. It even has a little band on the handle that you might be able to use to help a doll hold the umbrella. The only criticism I have is that I wish it spanned just a bit bigger, but it's still great in its own right.
  6. RyuichiSakuma13

    My First Dollfie Came Home!

    I haven't seen a "box opening" area, so I hope its okay to post this here. I've wanted her ever since I first saw her back in 2014. She is my very first vinyl doll! Introducing Hatsune Miku! Hatsune Miku is home! by Ryuichi Sakuma, on Flickr Ryu
  7. so i just found out that volks made a dollfie dream of chii from chobits in 2003 i believe and i cant believe it lol, the chii doll is so old and rare now, it would be a dream to actually own one from volks. what im doing is i have a semi white dd3 body and im getting a ddh-03 head to custom for chii. I will post pics when she arrives.
  8. So, I am wondering for future, how could I make some night elf doll char. (she has som kind of backstory already just will need avatar) Except blue Smarties or Dollfie Icons - I dont think I could win "click war" I am doing research what is on market and how much is customization possible/required. I have seen some experiments with dyeing on our forum with vinyl. Not sure about resin. I wouldnt like to destroy any of thoose two materials. Some photos, since not everyone may know how night elves look. The skin color is not mandatory, night elves have many vairations of skin tones. Height is not also much mandatory, she can be in classic SD size. Even night elves are higher than humans. Wig and and scar and any other stuff are subject of in-game change. Theese visual features are not required for avatar. edit: ears not needed will find some external (or try to make some)
  9. zaada


    Hi All! Does anyone own any Holala dolls? I think they are adorable. I do love the small chunky size and their compatibility with re-ment. I've attached photos of my girl (with the pink hair.) and my close friends (with the dark hair). Overall the lack of posing has shifted my attention back to BJDs and Vinyl dolls for more interesting pictures but I will definitely keep my girl on display, as she's too cute not too!
  10. recently my Amane doll had a broken ankle joint. when I tried to remove the part I cant seem to get it out. is azone custom dolls parts not removable?
  11. Animaster888

    your dream doll

    I wanted to make an osomatsu san smart doll. what is your dream custom doll?
  12. I got my Miku a new outfit, the Do-Re-Mi-Fa Rondo set😊
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