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Found 5 results

  1. PlasticJester

    PJ's Playing with Dolls!

    I thought I'd make a little photo journal for my customs and such. I tend to document my process pretty heavily, so do bear with me and all the photos. First up, I got an Imomodoll Canis head off ebay, with a faceup already done on him. I decided to name him Westley. He didn't come with these eyes, they're little plush pillow-y things I stitched up and embroidered really quickly. They don't fit that well, but they were better than nothing. I tend to make mock-ups before I customize dolls, and my girlfriend likes to help. So we'll usually go through several passes of designs together. Left is my initial mockup, and right is her improved one. I'm not very used to anime-style things, so she was a big help for this and one of my other faceups! First layer! I would go back in with heavier pastels and add the eyebrows in the second layer. And the finished face! He probably could have used another pass to add more purple/black to his eyebags, but I'm chronically impatient and the hour wait between MSC sprays kills me. Plus I live in a place with really inclement weather, so I just have to work when I can. I already have eyebases on the way for Westley to make him some custom ones that fit the concept art, but as for a body...well. I don't know if any resin bodies would fit tan, and the Imomodoll 68 body seems far away... Did you know one of my favorite movies is John Carpenter's The Thing? I....miiiiiight be making him a body based on that....
  2. Catfishy2u


    Sooo I want to get the frieren head custom painted. Not a fan of the purple outlines and some of the choices made for the official doll. the normal person i commission only works on MDD style heads. does anyone recommend any artists that are trustworthy? Thanks for any recommendations!
  3. fallabeau_faebelle

    Buying Bodies

    Hi! I'm new here, so I hope this isn't a dumb question. I'm trying to find a way to buy an Obitsu24 body and faceplate. I currently have a YMY22 which I think is pretty close? I found a great seller for those on Etsy! But i'd like to try the Obitsu bodies for a custom I want to do. Also, does Obitsu make faceplates with the empty eye sockets so resin eyes can be placed there or no? I've seen them on instagram, but I wasn't sure if they're made that way or if that's a mod job. Thanks for any help anyone can offer !!!
  4. fallabeau_faebelle

    3D Printing Advice

    Hello! I have a Dollfie Dream boy and my goal is to turn him into a Vtuber I like Ren Zotto. The Vtuber has some fun accessories like rings and horns and a tail that I wanted to add. I have these elvish ears for him that stay in place with magnets, so I was thinking I could keep the horns in place in a similar way either in the head or under the wig. When I ordered him through a fantastic proxy, she suggested a friend of hers who does custom nails could do the jewelry, but when she assessed the visual aids she said I'd need to actually 3D print those myself and do a custom job. So... I have no idea how to 3D print ✨ I'm trying to learn but it's a loooot of info! Any advice on how to do... any of it??? I know I can get 3D printing done either locally in my area or through places like Etsy, but don't know how to use any programs in order to make what I want get printed. Any ideas or advice on how to learn how to digitally sculpt stuff for this job?
  5. Malloruru

    Bleaching Vinyl

    So we all know how scary it is to have your vinyl doll stained by its clothes, and wonder about how to remove those stains. Vinyl stains so easily from so many things, darker colors that is. but for my next project what I really want to know is can you make a tan soft vinyl LIGHTER permanently?! has it even been attempted? I’m definitely not prepared to start testing chemicals on vinyl, I’ve no clue how the materials react. my project: I bought a tan(chocolate) skin 1/6 imomodoll and I want to color her tummy, chest, bum, and strap lines light to give her a swimsuit tan lines look!!!😍 ive considered buying another(light) body and swapping the torso but… what do I do with a tan torsod light limbed body…but also having the shoulder and neck colors not matching the head would be very bothering to me :,(
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