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Found 20 results

  1. fallabeau_faebelle

    Buying Bodies

    Hi! I'm new here, so I hope this isn't a dumb question. I'm trying to find a way to buy an Obitsu24 body and faceplate. I currently have a YMY22 which I think is pretty close? I found a great seller for those on Etsy! But i'd like to try the Obitsu bodies for a custom I want to do. Also, does Obitsu make faceplates with the empty eye sockets so resin eyes can be placed there or no? I've seen them on instagram, but I wasn't sure if they're made that way or if that's a mod job. Thanks for any help anyone can offer !!!
  2. salica

    I'm back ....

    First , I know I've been abscent for a long time but my husband has been fighting cancer for 9 years and now that he is kind of stable , I feel I can finally get a bit of my life back and start again to play with photography and give more attention to my poor girls . I came across a beautiful custom DD head on Mandarake recently , and at a really good price ....I should have know something wasn't right .... me: Hello dear , was your travelling comfortable enough ? It tooks only 3 days , you were really lucky . Welcome to your new home ! Do you have a name ? ( Long silence ....) Do you want me to give you a name ? ( Some weird bubbling noise coming of her mouth ...with a bit of spit ....O_o )\me : Okay......how about Tacita ? Do you like it ? ( I search online for a name that would mean silent and this is a Latin first name for girl ) Tacita: "growling sound with more spitting but looking happy " me : Tacita it is ! I regretted that really fast when I saw a surge of energy as she jumped on the chair and went hugging the deer head on the wall ... me: Please Tacita , don't touch the dead deer ...it is not a toy and he does't like hugs ...well not anymore . Then she saw the piano ... me : okay ...this you can play with ..but we will ask someone to teach you how (EXTREME BANGING on the keys of the piano ) me yelling to be heard : HERE TACINA ! Look how pretty this is ! It is just for you ! Tacina stopped banging right away and my ears stopped bleeding .... ;_; me : Isn't it lovely ? This one you can hug as much as you want ! Tacina is babbling something ..... I think she might have been neglected in the past ... but we will take good care of her , and hopefully find a way to communicate . At least she looks happy now , we will take it day by day
  3. Mitsuna


  4. Mitsuna


  5. Mitsuna


  6. hello all! i am as new as new can get when it comes to bjd customization & owning bjds in general. i recently received my 24cm parabox doll & am interested in customizing her to look like an oc of mine, though i've run into a few troubles... i bought a pre face-up'd head and need to add a beauty mark under her eye. and since this character is a robot, she has robot ears akin to hmx-12 multi from to heart. what would be the best way to go about adding these? since i'm not doing an entire faceup, using pencils would probably be easiest. any recommendations for type or brand? assuming i'd need to seal the beauty mark, any sealant tips and tricks would be appreciated as well... or would i even need to, since it's such a small feature? her head was done with tampography technology & a hand-painted finish, so would adding a layer of my own sealant maybe mess with what was already done? i asked a friend about molding her ears & he suggested polymer clay but the main issue is how to attach them. i'd prefer if they didn't come off but it would probably be easiest on the head to not use glue. i read a post on here about someone attaching elf ears to a doll of theirs using "patafix" so perhaps that's a good choice, though their doll head and mine could be different materials. i thought this would be one of the best sites to ask. hearing something from people who know more about this stuff than i do would definitely help. sorry for all of these questions, and thank you to anyone who reads or has some advice to give! and of course, here's my girl so far. i plan on getting her a new outfit & shoes soon, as well as everything else needed to make her look like her. (^_^)
  7. RetroKanojo


    Hello, hello, hello! Welcome, welcome, welcome! Come one, come all, to my little carnival! Haha, alright! I’ve meant to do this for a while, but being a chronic procrastinator it took me until now to actually sit down and write this up. Now, ‘this’, of course, is my ramblings about my Nu:Carnival doll(s)! There’s only one for now, but others are in various stages of production lol. As a little disclaimer: If you come here in the hopes of lots of pretty pictures, I’ll unfortunately have to disappoint you. I included the pictures the artist made of the face-up, because they show it off really well and there’s no way for me to replicate that visual fidelity, but other than that there won’t be much to see. However, if you’re looking for a few minutes of distraction, please feel free to read on. In any case, let’s begin! First, a bit of background: Skip if you want to just get to the dolls TLDR: Gacha Game = bad, handsome fictional men = good My initial plan + a stroke of luck: So, unable to nab one of my favs in-game. I began to think about turning him into a Dollfie. Having no artistic talent whatsoever, I knew that I’d be needing to commission someone for a face-up and preferably for custom eyes + a wig as well. Because of this, I’ve been eyeing LottieSugar (formerly Watashi Doll). However, I wasn’t quite ready to pull the trigger just yet. I tried making a mock-up for a possible face-up and I decided to wait and see whether or not I’d still like the look of it a couple weeks later. Then, getting a sudden burst of inspiration, I made another mock-up for another one of the boys and got myself into the predicament of which one to commission (first). Again, this one would kind of require custom eyes + wig. Another issue I faced was the question of getting bodies for their heads, namely DDBs. I don’t mind body sharing (although now that I own a custom head, I realized that it would be a damn shame if said head wouldn’t be out on display 24/7) and I’ve already pre-ordered Kaito, so I knew I’d have at least one body to go around. Going through Dream Choice would be an option to get a DDB, but it would cost a lot of money. Then, just a week or so before Christmas, I saw a DDB III in Flesh pop up on my country’s equivalent of Mercari. I saw the post ~30 minutes after it went up and I was already worried someone else might have contacted the seller. I shot them a message, basically begging them to take my money, no questions asked. About an hour later they replied and we struck the deal. I couldn’t believe my luck. I like to think that I made a good deal. DDBs on YJA tend to go for less, but add on shipping and customs and it would be roughly the same/ slightly more than what I paid. I highly assume the body came from a Kirito, as that’s actually the only time the DDB III was available through a limited release, if I understand correctly. It came with more stains than expected (The seller had mentioned some stains, but they didn’t show in the sales pictures and I didn’t ask for better ones because I was very much afraid someone else would snatch him up before me if I did.), but none of them are all that bad and his joints were also pretty loose. He still holds poses fairly well, but it doesn’t really take more than a nudge to get his joints to move. (One of these days I plan on disassembling him to try and fix that, but for now it’s just how it is.) So, with a guaranteed 2 DDB bodies at my disposal, I felt fairly confident in proceeding with the commission. What actually ended up happening: I’ve been interested in vinyl dolls for a little over a year now, although I only got my first doll in June ‘22. Since then, I felt like I experienced many fortunate strokes of serendipity when it comes to my hobby endeavors. Me getting my hands on that secondhand DDB is definitely one of them, another is the fact that I stumbled across the commission notice of a fairly small face-up artist on Instagram in January. Magic Owl Forest to be precise! She had just reopened her commissions the previous November after a hiatus and after looking at her portfolio and realizing that she is located within the EU (just like me, which is great for shipping and means I don’t have to pay customs) I made the extremely spontaneous decision to message her and ask whether she still had a spot open for the month. In fact, this was so spontaneous that I didn’t even have a head to be customized. Luckily, dolls.moe had the right one in store, so I ordered it and got it shipped to her asap. Now, the question is, which of the two boys did I decide to commission? Neither! I actually went ahead with boy number three. Remember how I mentioned that both boys would require custom eyes + wig? I’m actually not sure how far you can go with the custom wigs over at LottieSugar, if they only do certain styles or colors, but I wanted to keep that door open regardless. So, I picked a boy from the cast that would have worked with a more generic wig as well. My choice fell on the protagonist of the game himself, Eiden! The making off: Before I ordered the head, I showed the artist some pictures for reference. Such a handsome boy. MOF was happy to accept my commission and the rest is history. One of her rules states that she does not do in-progress pics. I made the commission knowing this, but naturally I was still pretty nervous about it, especially since this was the first time I ever commissioned anything. About a week after the head arrived at her place MOF reached out with a few progress pictures anyway to ask for my opinion on some things. (As mentioned, all credit for these pictures goes to Magic Owl Forest!) When I saw those pictures, I knew I had made the right decision to commission her. I was absolutely ecstatic. I’m pretty sure I didn’t sleep that night, haha! Literally a few days later, the face up was already done. (Again, those pictures were kindly provided by Magic Owl Forest.) I think he came out perfectly! Less than two weeks after that, I had him in my hands and - I know I sound like I’m smoking or something - he somehow looked even more stunning in real life. REALLY. Trust me. I have no clue how that’s even possible, because he looks stunning in those pictures already, but it’s true! You can barely see it in the photos, but there's actually a gradient in his lashes. It's subtle, but it really adds to the look, in my opinion! Now, while MOF was doing her magic, I had gone scouring the web for some clothes and a wig for Eiden. His default outfit is fairly generic, so I had hopes that I’d be able to cobble something together and indeed, I found pretty much everything I needed. This is what he wears in-game, at least when he’s not in an event specific fit: Bland isekai protagonist #6999 (Don't let the look fool you though, he's actually such a fun character!) This is what I used to replicate the look: Volks Pullover and choker set that I found on Mandarake (Btw, this thing is like.. ridiculously oversized. It "fits" DD, but it also fits SD17..) Blue Hoodie Jacket from PABAdoll on Etsy Volks DD Denim Pants (Skinny/Black) from the Volks store A pair of generic white canvas shoes from MewsBJD on Etsy You might be able to find the Etsy stuff for cheaper elsewhere, but personally Etsy is just the most convenient option for me so that’s what I settled with. I even got some cord and a little glass gem to replicate his necklace. The gem itself isn’t quite the right size/shape, but that’s alright. I also got him a wig from Etsy, but it isn’t quite the right color and shape. I still think it looks really cute on him though, so I’m tempted to just leave him like this. I just ordered another wig for him that might be closer to his original design, but we’ll see how that pans out. There’s also a poorly lit picture of him in a placeholder wig and with a khaki coat that I used on him before his other stuff arrived. I think it makes a nice alternative look for him! I still can’t quite believe that I am the owner of such a beautiful doll. All my dolls mean something to me, but there’s definitely something very special about Eiden. He has been bringing me a lot of joy ever since I first commissioned him and I really hope that he’ll be with me for years and years to come. Naturally, I immediately commissioned MOF again, this time asking her to do one of the two boys I initially had in mind. I found someone on Instagram who makes custom doll wigs and I’ve already reached out to them as well, so if everything goes according to plan he’ll end up looking as close to his original design as possible. Once there’s some progress on that front, I’ll be updating this thread~ If you made it all the way down here, treat yourself (or your dolls) to something nice! Also, please, please, please check out MOF on instagram? Please? Pretty Please? Or Facebook? Do it for Eiden? In any case, have a wonderful day!

    Obitsu custom help!

    Hello! I'm new to this but I am looking to make a doll custom for Don Quixote and Ishmael from Limbus Company. I'd like to use the same base as this doll in the picture and I'm pretty sure its an obitsu type but I'm not positive as to which one it is... links would be very much appreciated! Also, to be specific I am looking for the model names of the type of head, and body base also if I can get some help on what type of eyes, hair and clothes are being used so I can search up the kind I need. Thank you!
  9. MagicalRozen

    Uta from One Piece RED

    Hello everyone! It has been a very long time since I have discussed any of my dolls projects on the fourm. Usually I work on my own characters for a narrative I am in the process of writing, so I never feel like people would be interested enough in them to share, but I digress. This time around I am doing something completely different though! I feel like people would be very interested in seeing how she comes along and all the updates in the process of putting her together. So who is the lucky lady I feel like shelling into a doll? It's Uta from the new One Piece movie! Now as a disclaimer I know little to nothing about One Piece save for the main crew; but, I saw the new movie in theaters with my husband and family and I was blown away. It was fantastic, and I LOVED Uta. She made the movie for me. I wont say anything else about her, because spoilers are a no go in my book, but she is an awesome character. Awesome enough for me to want to shell. So what's the plan? Well the plan is to acquire a Smart Doll body on the second hand market, preferably milk skin tone, and go from there. Why Smart Doll? Because their legs are slender and long, much like One Piece legs (tm). I really have no idea what head sculpt to go after. A Nami would be perfect, but I am so, so scared for the after market prices and what people might do if I wipe her and paint her to resemble Uta instead. So, long story short, I need some help! What sculpts would you guys reccomend? Especially milk tone sculpts. I don't mind cinnamon, but really would prefer milk because she's a paler character. Some references of how her face looks from different angles. I am also ok with straying from her cannon face, so long as it looks close enough, like in the music videos for the soundtrack.
  10. Malloruru

    Custom Doll -Mallo

    Im making a doll of myself~! Ive been thinking about doing this all year and finally, now is the time Agaaain im looking for suggestions for parts from Taobao! eyes, wigs, wings, where to get a tail like this, tights, hairclips... Even suggestions for head sculpts or bodies. Im wanting something chubby legs and big hips but with a defined waist, 40cm size doll. Im considering a few like Imomo Noxious Ruby, XagaDoll heart body(ordered), or maybe Dollbot though I dont like the hole in the neck. But I havent been able to find the perfect head scult yet TT-TT I ordered Imomo Ruby head, and might try to mod the mouth and stick that on a Xagadoll resin body 😂and might try fitting the Imomo vinyl Miko large bust onto the resin body(I want the small and large bust option for her)...They seem so be the same size, but I wonder how a vinyl resin hybrid like that would look ..I also am considering to get Dikadoll jointed hands with long nails for her, which is why im more leaning to a stringed doll. ...changing out a stringed dolls chest piece sometimes though, seems like a nightmare... but I wouldnt be able to use jointed hands on a vinyl body right? I guess if I had the money, I would just buy two diff bodies for her TTwTT And I know the xaga body has a large chest but I cant find it for sale anymore! .......................I have not decided anything at all 🤣 I havent been able to find a white wig to use as a base so im thinking ill have to buy a base wig, clip on twintails, and wefts from different stores to piece it together
  11. I thought I’d make a new post for pictures of my Sakura MDD. I’ve committed to taking more photos and I wanted to try to up my game. I hope you enjoy.
  12. Animaster888

    Custom smartdoll blog 1

    I am making a custom doll of my favorite character! The melody doll is arriving tomorrow and I will be customizing her into a male. the character is Oso from Osomatsu-san, hesokuri wars. the other pictures are the items I'm getting for him. I'll keep everyone updated on the doll's progress!
  13. Hello! I'm seeking ideas on making a custom Todomatsu Matsuno Smartdoll from osomatsu-san. does anyone have any? This is him
  14. Hey there! I posted last week about my first faceup. Lovely friend gave me some tips on a smooth paint job so I tried again today! Heres the finished product of my head for my doll Bon: Hoping her wig arrives this week! Also hoping to order her body end of this week.
  15. If you've ever seen her tagged on Instagram then here she is again. I designed her head and 3D printed her in ABS from 3DHubs.
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