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Found 14 results

  1. Greetings fellow humans! I am working on some custom doll characters, and I really like a few of the 1/6 Imomodoll heads, just not the bodies. Does anyone know if they will fit on any of the 1/6 scale Obitsu bodies? (Google has provided me with no answers) Thanks!
  2. Hello! I've been posting updates in the general imomo thread about her, but I wanted to give my 75cm lady a spotlight since I just got her wig and clothes today! Her head sculpt is a modified SmD sculpt (one of the 3d files they have for download on the website) I widened the neck hole and jaw so it suited her look more! I 3d printed it myself with sunlu beige resin, which is a really good match for the flesh tone (I forgot what the exact term Imomo used for their "midtone" skin for their 75s. whatever one is the 2nd one 😛) vinyl her name is Zephyr, she's based off of an OC of mine I've had for about 5 or 6 years (before I even got into dolls!) to have a physical version of her complete was genuinely really moving, I've never had a doll that's been "complete" and seeing her in the flesh makes me feel like this hobby is really for me ;_; I almost cried lol. Wig is from dollsn and the clothes are from luts! I don't have many good pictures of her right now because I JUST was able to finish her by putting the wig and clothes on, but I'll update this later with some new and nicer pictures TT thank you for reading!
  3. Both are unnamed right now. Say hi! 04 has borrowed a wig and slip dress from my other dolls for this photo. Doing the face up was fun, with the exception of painting eyebrows. It makes me wish humans didn't have eyebrows. Henzel27 (Parabox head) + Obitsu 26 body. I think she looks more like the classic Gretel sculpt than Parabox's Gretel27 does. :'D
  4. Kissamaagi

    Kissamaagi's photos

    Starting a photo thread for my dolls! I'm still pretty much a beginner with photography, and only have my phone. Starting with a photoshoot with my Imomo Miko Seraphina, with a dress I made for her. She's a vampire, and I went for some sort of sleepy ethereal vibe with the dress, it kind of tries to look like historical chemise underwear dresses. But a super frilly version, because I love frills! The shoot title or concept is something like "Vampire in a snowy forest".
  5. EagleVision1999

    A mystery Imomo girl (my first vinyl!)

    Erm, hi! I can't claim to be new here, because I have lurked (and even posted) in the Smart Doll drama thread, but I now have a doll that belongs on this here forum, so that's neat😃 And is also off-topic on DoA, luckily you guys are here This is the doll: Getting her was an interesting process. I combed through Taobao to get her as cheaply as possible (I feel dealers add quite a lot to the price with this brand, no idea why), but navigating that site really isn't easy at least for me. I was actually attempting to buy another 1/4 body type, but I do like this one. I think I chose the wrong option, but this one looks good, too. I also opted to buy a mystery surprise head from another seller on the grounds that it was the cheapest option (less that 5$!). I feel very lucky that the head turned out to be compatible with the body since the listing did not specify scale. I have no idea what this head is called though...I was hoping the packaging would tell me, but nah. I'm quite frankly amazed that I managed to get a whole doll, with how the shopping went😅 I'm planning to shorten her pegs a bit so the limbs fit more snugly. Someone on Youtube uploaded a video about doing that.
  6. Matcha

    sewing patterns for imomodoll?

    hai i was wondering if anyone here have patterns for a imomodoll 1/4 body? the dolls body have a difference between its hips and waist and ive been having a hard time finding any patterns that can be good for the body. does anyone know any patterns or similar to the doll
  7. My Toppa arrived today, so I went into sewing mode to get her clothed! Her name is Kiyora, and she is a garden fairy. And by garden fairy, I mean she is somewhat feral and likes digging around for fun new bulbs and mushrooms. I got her green eyes and a green wig, but I'm not married to the wig, she might rotate through a few. Her faceup is planned to be warm browns and dark greens! I just kind of winged the outfit; I'd thought the leaf-ribbons would be tied at the shoulder, but they turned out too bulky on this scale, so I went somewhere else with it and used a tab of doll velcro and rosettes!
  8. teddyboy1der

    1/6 Doll w/ 2-Part Torso?

    Hello all! I come to you with a query; I have a 1/6 Imomo doll intended for a halfling-esque statured character to go with a handful of resin dolls in similar proportions, and ideally I want to increase their chest size so they resemble a more mature figure. However, the Imomo doll's shoulders are more narrow than the other dolls I have in this scale, and I think that adding her 'assets' won't look or work amazing given the size. Therefore I was wondering if there were other dolls within similar proportions as the Imomo doll perhaps with a 2-part torso? Then I could swap out the top part for one either already with breasts, or at least with a wider shoulder base to fit the mods I'll do. I don't mind hybriding or experimenting lmao, or maybe even branching out to a 1/4 bust part (providing I can find a 1/6 2-part torso for a base), as the character in mind is also a little thicker anyway XD Thanks in advance!
  9. usagisea

    Usagi Sea’s Imomodoll Customs

    Hello! I’m starting a thread with my custom Imomodolls because I’ve been painting a lot of them. Here is a Gawr Gura I made for starters! (o^^o)
  10. Beetke

    1/12 imomo doll?

    Thoughts on the 1/12 scale imomo doll and if it’s any good? I’ve tried searching it up online for any reviews but I can’t find any :[
  11. Ever since I received my 1/6 imomodoll tan and saw how it was so close to Smart Doll's tea skintone, I took it upon myself to see if it could be hybridized. I wasn't too fond of how tall my Chai (OG Chitose) was and wished she was on the 1/4 scale. I went ahead and ordered a 1/4 slim imomodoll tan body. I knew that the Smart Doll neck hole was a bit smaller than a Dollfie head so all it needed was a few seconds on the hair dryer, and the head easily fit in. Now I'm thinking if Smart Doll hands will fit the pegs, too.
  12. Malloruru

    Bleaching Vinyl

    So we all know how scary it is to have your vinyl doll stained by its clothes, and wonder about how to remove those stains. Vinyl stains so easily from so many things, darker colors that is. but for my next project what I really want to know is can you make a tan soft vinyl LIGHTER permanently?! has it even been attempted? I’m definitely not prepared to start testing chemicals on vinyl, I’ve no clue how the materials react. my project: I bought a tan(chocolate) skin 1/6 imomodoll and I want to color her tummy, chest, bum, and strap lines light to give her a swimsuit tan lines look!!!😍 ive considered buying another(light) body and swapping the torso but… what do I do with a tan torsod light limbed body…but also having the shoulder and neck colors not matching the head would be very bothering to me :,(
  13. PolitelyNefarious

    Cirque Du Nefarious

    Welcome to my project thread*! *Aka, 'Nefarious Procrastinates in Slow Motion'. "My name is Nefarious, and I'm a vinyl addict..." ...A vinyl addict who keeps telling myself, "I need to make art of each doll before posting this thread." But that's never going to get done. Who are we kidding? A quick bit of background: I became aware of the BJD / Dollfie hobby in 2009, and purchased my first full doll in 2012, starting a collective that is still going. After owning some Dollfie heads for a span, I finally bought two Angelphilia girls in 2019, sold them, then properly re-entered vinyl in 2021- 22 with a Smart Doll. Vinyl is my side-hobby, and one I curate carefully, but am passionate about nonetheless. I enjoy high fantasy, sci-fi, steam and cyberpunk, oldschool suspense / light horror, gothic fashion and the gothic story genre, street fashion, Alice in Wonderland, all fun things 80s and 90s, Victorian and Roccoco motifs, 90s and Y2K cartoons, and MMORPGs, and these interests will be reflected in my dolls. Rather than 'my collection', the group is generally referred to as 'The Elves' or 'The Hoard'. Consider this a kind of journal. Each initial post should contain a brief explanation of a doll- who they are, what their parts entail, and what needs to be done for them yet. Hopefully it shall one day contain some updates as well. Cross your fingers?
  14. hello everyone ^_^ I'm still new to this forum and to doll collecting in general, so I apologize for any mistakes. Recently I found a legit bjd shop called mydollection.com, and there I saw an Imomodoll Fuwamo (1/6) doll for $39.99 (I was looking for vinyl dolls on the cheaper side). While Imomodoll is thorough with its measurements: I'm confused about some of them. 1 - I assumed that since it's an anime style doll in the 1/6 size it would have bigger eyes (14mm/16mm), but I still want to be cautious and ask you guys. 2 - The wig size is also weird for me, it looks like the head is pretty big so maybe an MSD wig would fit? But since it's listed as a 1/6 doll, maybe I should just go with the standard YOSD wig fit (6-7 in.)? 3 - The thighs are really thick so I'm pretty sure that stretchy MSD pants would fit, but the doll itself is just 27 cm/10.6 in. So again, I'm not sure if I should go with MSD or YOSD pants) thanks everyone!
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