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Found 9 results

  1. hello everyone 😄 alternate title: WIG GOO P: so it almost feels like xiaohongshu is like, full to the brim with beautiful wig styling beyond my greatest dreams. the hold and lustre im seeing is a far cry from the products i currently use for my own cosplay wigs - i mean, some of 游戈g's are even glossy (link), its absolutely mindblowing to me. meanwhile the styling wax i personally have mattifies when dry and even causes white spots X"D (at least it holds well, i guess...) but i'm flat out terrible at Chinese so it's a big struggle trying to find out what these folks use xD if any info shows up in the subtitles or audio, i'm just completely clueless. so i'm asking for some help in finding out. if anyone has an idea, i'd love to hear! here are some examples of the flat-out amazing wigs i'm talking about: (by 游戈g) (from earlier in the post!) (by 游戈g, too - they're amazing) (by Norinsea) (by Rino的手改毛)
  2. From the Volks event I bought the SD wig lucky dip. I always wanted to try Volks' regular wigs to see what they were like but there weren't any I specifically wanted. The lucky dip gives you a random selection of wigs so it was perfect. The wigs I got are pretty nice! Disclaimer: Sakuya makes everything look amazing. I got this super-curly, long blonde wig. It's very nice but it will need some trimming & taming. This purple wig looks great, but the volume's a bit thin, This is the Volks W-55 wig in color 144T (it had a proper product label). The color was really nice and it was light and fluffy, but it was a bit too long and covered her face. FWIW's Sakuya's head size is one of the smaller DD heads And the last was this wavy wig. It would probably look better if I spent the time to learn how to style it properly, This is the back, I'm happy with these but probably won't use them soon. I really like Sakuya best in her Little Monica wig
  3. CreationOdyssey

    Wanna start a lace wig

    Hey!! So for idk like 5 years I’ve been gathering all the stuff to make lace wigs, and I’m determined to do it starting now. The thing that stops me is I’m not sure where or how to start. I have a tutorial from someone in the bjd community but they use glue on the wig cap so I’m not sure how it will fit the doll or stay on the doll. I’ve seen someone in the bjd community that sews lace wigs without the glue on the wig cap but I’m like terrified to ask for their guidance (strangers are scary… 😅) Anyway hoping someone here might have some insight or knowledge they want to share. I know the technique, but idk how to make the wig cap.
  4. ShinobisDestiny

    Miku wig "Makeover"

    [Eng] Ever wondered how a Miku wig would look when the hair is loose? Well here you go. The left one started as a pigtail wig (not a volks wig) and I straighten it a bit. The color is not a 100% match but close enough for me. It has some small bald spots but overall I´m very happy with the wigs [De] Habt ihr euch gewundert wie eine Miku wig offenaussehen würde? Nun so. Die linke sah am Anfang aus wie die rechte (ist aber keine offizielle Volks wig) und ich habe sie etwas geglättet. Die Farbe passt nicht 100% aber für mich reicht es. Leider hat die wig ein paar kahle Stellen aber im großen und ganzen bin ich sehr zufrieden mit der wig.
  5. marcecloud

    So my mom DROPPED Miku...

    I cannot catch a break with wigs! I made the mistake in July of letting my cousin’s girlfriend brush Miku’s original wig- she used the tail brush on her bangs and thus super messed up the tails. 😑 The only way to fix them would be to undo them and redo them with a new band, but I’m not good with my hands (I’m on the spectrum and can’t tie my own shoes) and I know no one that’s confident enough to try. So a month later my dream Miku outfit suddenly appears on eBay- and for $100 less than what it would be if Mandarake had it in stock! I buy it glad that I can replace her wig with one that’s less sad to look at. The outfit was never used but the wig had been through a repair already (probably why it was cheaper, but it’s not like any others were/are available for sale). The repair job was really good, you really couldn’t tell without knowing. And then she fell... and part of it got undone. How would I go about getting this fixed? Since no one I know feels even comfortable messing with these wigs is there somewhere I could send it to? I’d prefer going to someone in person so I don’t accidentally mess it up while trying to get the wig back on. I live in rural northeast PA, but since I have family in north NJ if there’s a place in NJ or NY I can actually go there. Like are doll hospitals a thing that I can even take this (and honestly the original wig too) to? At this point I’ve learned absolutely NO ONE can touch her except for me, but I’d really like this fixed so I have something truly worth fiercely defending. tl;dr My mom dropped Miku and her already once repaired wig got somewhat messed up. How do I, someone with no skills that knows no one with any skills, fix it? It’s not particularly noticeable from the front as you can see here so I have some relief, but gah does it bug my inner need for it to be just right.
  6. so, i have a couple obitsu 24 which use the heads from parabox that take 5 inch wigs such as chara and petite hime. i know parabox has wigs specifically for this head, but while i do like their wigs i've kind of wanted some more selection than just what's on their website especially since i plan on collecting a lot of dolls this size in the future. ^^ ;; however, i've tried a wig listed as 5-6 inch on a petite hime head before and it just seemed... way too big, my doll's little head was practically swimming in it! if anyone has any recommendations for specific shops that sell wigs that fit petite hime, or just any general advice on how to get wigs that won't be too big for her, please let me know! much obliged ♡
  7. She is clearly confused. Short or long? Here is her original wig: My styling cream and wig spray just came in the other day. I worked on the top one first. Haven't done much with Towa’s original. Started to, but then I got busy so I’ll just have to redo it all haha. Oh, and here is a picture of the first wig when I just got it, pre-style: Much better, huh? Lmao. I still have to fluff out her tails though, so they don’t look like they’re hanging limp.
  8. I bought a black wig for my doll but it's so loose around her head it just slides off (a shame because she's cute in it) Is there a good way to make it stay on, or adjust its size? I've tried rubber bands over the cap but they're not too reliable. Thanks in advance, Cam
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