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Found 18 results

  1. URGANT QUESTION I am considering on switching from Tinyfox Murphy to Tinyfox Kakav, which has a lot of dark clothing, and i cannot find any shops that have the Tinyfox bodysuit for sale, so how am i meant to deal with the stains?? OR, WHERE THE HECK CAN I FIND THE BODYSUIT OR AN ALTERNATIVE!! PLEASE HELP!!
  2. NOT ANYTHING SUPER DOLL RELATED BUT COMMISSIONS HAVE OPENED!! My intention is to save for a doll i have been eying on, one of the dolls i like im very confident will be coming home, but i really wanna get the other one i really like (Tinyfox Kakav) So to make my artist presence really known, im posting my commissions here! So if ya want some art from me, feel free to message me on my socials that are linked on my profile, or just comment here, I recommend messaging on my socials so i can get to ya faster. Couple Notes: I take money through my Mothers Venmo. Artist Experience is 9-10 Years. (August? 2024 will be 10 years) A Colored Sketch i did to announce it. (Colored Sketches are not availiable) An Example of my Art.
  3. Hey yall.. ima be honest i need help.. Im in a BJD server, and im starting to get stressed out for searching for anything for the doll.. The reason is cause of fear of the seller being a recast seller... Cause they say that even if you buy something else from them thats not a doll.. it would basically say "You can sell recasts, i wont buy it but you can sell them.." And its stressing me out.. especially given i am the type that would buy something that has good reviews and looks good.. but reviews cannot be depended on for telling.. you'd need to look through the entire shop before buying one item.. and again.. it is stressing me out.. So.. I beg of yall.. do you have any shops that you frequent for BJD clothes or accessories.. that are not recast sellers to your knowledge.. An extra question.. how can you tell if you found a recast seller or not, or even better, how to tell if a shop is secretly selling recasts behind the scenes.. (Like SophiesToyParadise on Etsy for example)... so when I'm looking on my own, I can notice and avoid them..
  4. Morilec

    Restore Miku DD wig

    Hi everyone, 2/3 years ago at Miku's wig the elastic bands that kept the pigtails stopped, having no time and nothing to replace them at the time I put it aside and Miku put another wig, The other day I wanted to dress it with its original clothes and leaving the wig I found a disaster. Photos not suitable for weak heart Do you know how I can fix it?! I am desperate Thanks for your help
  5. Chocola

    Flesh bodysuit for DD

    Can anyone let me know where I can find bodysuits for DD other than volks? They have been sold out of the one I want for months I guess I keep being too slow for the restocks. If anyone has one or knows any brand that makes them please let me know :)
  6. Hello, I’m very new to Dollfie Dream dolls in the sense that I’ve just gotten my very first one! I’ve looked into buying one for a while now and wanted to make sure that it would be fairly Procter as I didn’t want her to vinyl to get stained so I opted on buying her a body suit and a few other things. The issue is that I’m not sure how to zip the neck up or where to put the rest of it. The suit extends past her neck I thought maybe it was meant to go somewhat into the head but I’m scared it might dance her! Could it be the type of body I bought? For reference I have a Mochi-ashi body type, I bought the suit that said it was for Mdd (it says ver.2on it if taht changes anything) as I assumed that would be the one to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated !!
  7. Hello everyone! I just traded a head for a blank Uzuki Shimamura head, and the wonderful person I am trading with offered to give her a face-up. Problem is I am having trouble deciding what character I want to go with for her. I was wondering what you all would reccomend for her sculpt. Some ideas I had were a Miku based doll, a modernized Ren from DearS, Hakufu from Ikki Tosen (courtesy of @Tierparkzone), a magical girl of some kind, a fate character in the design of wada arco's art (I've been on a huge fate kick), or someone with a teal color scheme. I really would just love to see some options and what you guys would do with this lovely sculpt, to try and develop a plan with my trade partner. Any ideas are welcomed and appreciated. I just would love some cute design recommendations, character recommendations, or ideas just to get my brain flowing. Below is a picture of her head, with makeup so you guys can see what she looks like. Cheers and have a lovely week!
  8. Heyo~ Im new to using Taobao and have searched around a lot but could use some suggestions if youve seen anything around I could use! Im making the characters Hachikuji Mayoi(dark hair) and Shinobu Oshino(yellow) from Bakemonogatari! My favorite series. They are 30cm dolls with 1/4 size heads. Im making their clothes myself but theres a few things I cant make right now, so im looking for Taobao suggestions for things like their shoes, Hachikujis eyes and wig(idealy brown), Shinobus hats and goggles, the green bracelets, and anything else you may have come across!
  9. CalicoCollection

    MDD wrist joints

    So I'm new to Dolfie dream dolls and I just got my first MDD, I bought them knowing one of the wrist joints was wonky, I managed to get it out and sanded the peg to be slimmer so now it goes into the arm socket and stays put but I can pull it out and twist it much easier. I decided to mod the other wrist this same way but I can't get the wrist peg out. My question is is it normal for MDD wrists to be super difficult to remove or even turn in the socket? I've also had my partner try to pull it out since they have more hand strength and they couldn't get it all the way out either. I'm going to continue trying to get it to move without damaging the arm joint or lower arm casing but definitely struggling. Any and all tips are welcome.
  10. My smart doll order keeps getting cancelled and refunded instantly every time I order, dose anyone know why this keeps happening? I havnt said anything bad about Danny or any hate, I love the smart dolls and have been saving for years to get one, but it won’t let me?
  11. So i was thinking but i’m not sure, would it be possibe to get apoxie sculpt to stick to the vinyl if i molded it roughly, let it dry aside, glued it back on and sanded it? I’m not exactly sure how it’d work since i’ve never modded a head but i’m interested in seeing if this would work.
  12. Oliver


    So i didnt exactly knwo where this is suposed to go but as these are all craft related i thought this was the place. I have a few questions, some arent related to eachother but i really dont want to make multiple posts for these. 1. I want my doll to have a wig that has 3 colors. The bangs are pink, the side bits are blue and the back is purple. This wouldnt be a problem for my resindolls as id simply make a yarn wig. However i personally preffer vinyl dolls with synthetic hair. I have atempted multiple times in the past and failed every single time lol. I honestly dont wanna waste time on it again especially on such a large scale. I could either commission somebody or try and dye a wig. Now commissioning is great and easy however my family already gotten mad at me and until the whole pandemic is gone i cant buy outside of the EU and so far i have not found anyone that does custom synthetic wigs in the EU. Doing it myself sounds great as i love being crafty. I saw some yt videos on how to dye cosplay wigs with sharpies and rubbing alchohol. Obviously my doll would be wearing a lil net to protect her head from staining. But are there extra steps i can take? Would there be a way to "seal" the color? So it will definitly not stain my doll? 2. Im planing on getting another doll, her character is deaf and id like for her to have earingaids. Does those exist in doll size? Colour dosnt matter as id paint over it myself. Or is there some kind of DIY on it? 3. Im fairly new to the vinyl hobby. But im intrested in getting a male. The smart dolls arent my cup of tea, The parabox one seems great however i feel like it would make my character too childish and i want him to look more mature while im also used to msd size i dont want to sudenly won this giant doll. But Dollfie dream is a lil confusing me. Is there only 1 male size? And if so isnt Len suposed to be as big as Rin (who i think is 54cm?). If it would be DDS size (54cm?) it would be absolutly perfect! Or is there a compleatly flat bust or could i hybride that body with the male bust? I know its hard to get a male body but i like planing in advance in case it comes up second hand. 4. What kind of product should i use to remove face-ups on a vinyl head? For my bjds i use nailpolish remover without acetone. I lost the bottle tho so idk what else is written on it. For sealant i would use Citadel Munitorum Varnish spray. My friend uses it for her bjds and she says it works perfectly fine on them. Still wanted to make sure if its ok to use? Is there any paints to absolutly not use? 5. What clay is recomended to use on heads and posibly body parts? I love fantasy things and as there arent really alot of mythical creatures id like to mod some myself. Like a faun, mermaid, harpy, naga ect. 6. For resin you can hotboil the hands to reform the position. Is this posible with vinyl? Any info is dearly apreciated! I might add more questions lol
  13. marcecloud

    So my mom DROPPED Miku...

    I cannot catch a break with wigs! I made the mistake in July of letting my cousin’s girlfriend brush Miku’s original wig- she used the tail brush on her bangs and thus super messed up the tails. 😑 The only way to fix them would be to undo them and redo them with a new band, but I’m not good with my hands (I’m on the spectrum and can’t tie my own shoes) and I know no one that’s confident enough to try. So a month later my dream Miku outfit suddenly appears on eBay- and for $100 less than what it would be if Mandarake had it in stock! I buy it glad that I can replace her wig with one that’s less sad to look at. The outfit was never used but the wig had been through a repair already (probably why it was cheaper, but it’s not like any others were/are available for sale). The repair job was really good, you really couldn’t tell without knowing. And then she fell... and part of it got undone. How would I go about getting this fixed? Since no one I know feels even comfortable messing with these wigs is there somewhere I could send it to? I’d prefer going to someone in person so I don’t accidentally mess it up while trying to get the wig back on. I live in rural northeast PA, but since I have family in north NJ if there’s a place in NJ or NY I can actually go there. Like are doll hospitals a thing that I can even take this (and honestly the original wig too) to? At this point I’ve learned absolutely NO ONE can touch her except for me, but I’d really like this fixed so I have something truly worth fiercely defending. tl;dr My mom dropped Miku and her already once repaired wig got somewhat messed up. How do I, someone with no skills that knows no one with any skills, fix it? It’s not particularly noticeable from the front as you can see here so I have some relief, but gah does it bug my inner need for it to be just right.
  14. I recently got into the whole dolls thing. I wanna get started but I’m a little lost with everything. I really like the smaller dolls (Obitsu 11 with hikari head). What should I first do when it comes to getting/creating my own doll? Good websites that I can shop on that is in English?
  15. So i was possing my doll for a picture today, and this was the second time ive ever taken her out of the box let alone pose her for a picture, and i noticed that her left thigh came off, i didnt think much of it since you can push the it back on, but i noticed that the piece that came off wouldnt go back on... then i look even closer and it looks broken. (i dont know i could be wrong since im a noob to vinyl dolls) could anyone help please?? if she is broken do they sell these pieces separately or would i have to buy a whole internal skeleton ?? (https://ibb.co/PjW3HZ6) thats the link to the image
  16. I want to purchase a DD Ram , but I’m afraid that it’s going to take long before arrival. Does anyone know how long it takes? Thank you. Ohana
  17. hello, i'm having a hard time right now. i'm not sure if these outfits stain, i'm honestly scared. okay i'm getting straight to the point, the outfits are; the default outfit of nanami , the default outfit of rem/ram , the Marine☆Tricolor / Pretty outfit , the satin pajama set (Ivory , the ruffle blouse set (white,pink , the halter-neck dress set , ruffle bikini & pink t-shirt set and the blazer uniform set (brown. i would be a huge help if someone responded, and thank you very much. \(^.^*)/ the links. https://www.dollfiedream.tokyo/dd_en/model/dds_hag_nanami/ https://www.volks.co.jp/re-zero/en/dds_ram/ https://ec.volks.co.jp/category/01091402/4518992424613.html https://ec.volks.co.jp/category/01091402/4518992424118.html https://ec.volks.co.jp/category/01091402/4518992411491.html https://ec.volks.co.jp/category/01091402/4518992414126.html https://ec.volks.co.jp/category/01091402/4518992415499.html https://ec.volks.co.jp/category/01091402/4518992417325.html
  18. PrinceWolfe

    How Hard Is It To Remove Dirt

    Hey guys. I'm getting my third doll in the next month or so. I'm shopping on Mandarake and one of the dolls i'm looking at has some dirt on her, the item description says there's dirt on her legs but other than like two or three small dots of dirt i can't really see anything else. So if the pictures are just to hard to tell from how hard would it be to remove dirt from a doll. It really doesn't look bad honestly just small minor stains
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