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Found 4 results

  1. salica

    I'm back ....

    First , I know I've been abscent for a long time but my husband has been fighting cancer for 9 years and now that he is kind of stable , I feel I can finally get a bit of my life back and start again to play with photography and give more attention to my poor girls . I came across a beautiful custom DD head on Mandarake recently , and at a really good price ....I should have know something wasn't right .... me: Hello dear , was your travelling comfortable enough ? It tooks only 3 days , you were really lucky . Welcome to your new home ! Do you have a name ? ( Long silence ....) Do you want me to give you a name ? ( Some weird bubbling noise coming of her mouth ...with a bit of spit ....O_o )\me : Okay......how about Tacita ? Do you like it ? ( I search online for a name that would mean silent and this is a Latin first name for girl ) Tacita: "growling sound with more spitting but looking happy " me : Tacita it is ! I regretted that really fast when I saw a surge of energy as she jumped on the chair and went hugging the deer head on the wall ... me: Please Tacita , don't touch the dead deer ...it is not a toy and he does't like hugs ...well not anymore . Then she saw the piano ... me : okay ...this you can play with ..but we will ask someone to teach you how (EXTREME BANGING on the keys of the piano ) me yelling to be heard : HERE TACINA ! Look how pretty this is ! It is just for you ! Tacina stopped banging right away and my ears stopped bleeding .... ;_; me : Isn't it lovely ? This one you can hug as much as you want ! Tacina is babbling something ..... I think she might have been neglected in the past ... but we will take good care of her , and hopefully find a way to communicate . At least she looks happy now , we will take it day by day
  2. I finished my Mini Dollfie Dream's faceup today! I think she turned out really well. ☺️ Can't post photos yet, unfortunately, but I still wanted to share haha. 🤳
  3. Error-Chan

    My Smd Twilight called Isolda

    This is my Smart Doll Twilight Isolda. she is the discontinued sculpt from Sad but I love her! Isodla is an OC from Naruto. shes had a few dolls in her time but this doll was perfect for her so here she is! I bought her a week before they stopped making them too so I am lucky to have her.
  4. I haven't done one of these before but I thought it looked like a potentially fun way to track what I'm hoping to do here! So I got into Fate faaairly recently, starting with FGO, and then Fate/Extella, and with Extella, I really, REALLY came to love Nero. She's a delight and incredibly charming. So I've never really done a character doll before, but this seemed like a fun place to start. I thought about just buying the release Volks did of her a few years ago, but the faceup really doesn't do it for me? Like, she's cute, but she seems really subdued in comparison to her personality. vs I think I might be being weirdly nitpicky here? But either way, I wanted to change the faceup and I felt bad doing that to an older, limited doll since I know plenty of people do like the default?? It's silly but I don't want to take that from someone in a situation where there's definitely a finite number already floating around! So I ended up doing a preorder split for the new Saber and I'll wipe THAT faceup and get it redone to something that IMO captures her personality better. Longterm goals are to get a few of her outfits, like her original red dress and the bride outfit/s. For now, she's getting that little red dress (ETA: the actual term for the dress is banned on the forum??). On that note--if anyone happens to know where I can track down her sword, legit or replica, let me know! I've heard they're on taobao but I haven't figured out what exactly to search yet. My ultimate wishlist would be to get DDs of Gudako(FGO FeMC), Mash, Astolfo and Gudao/Ritsuka(FGO MC) too, but that's uh. A long ways away I think. I'll update this as I move along, though I don't think I'll have anything very exciting to show until those dolls ship in a few months!
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