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Found 7 results

  1. cinnabunroll

    Mods for DDb

    Hi all! I know I don't post or comment on here very often, but hopefully this doll project will change that? I'm gonna try my hand at shelling a character I really like in DDb form; but I have an issue, because the character has 4 arms. I have a rough idea of how I want to do this, but I'm not gonna lie, I'm not confident. My initial idea was to take an extra set of arms and (carefully) cut arm holes out of his waist area, then mod the arm pegs so that I could drill some of those little o-ring screws (I guess they're called Screw Eyes?) into them and use some elastic to hold them in place. After thinking about that for a bit, though, I realized that there might not be enough room in the abdominal area of these dolls for that (though maybe I could cut the pegs down a few mm). So my next best idea is to 3d print something for them to sit in, like the shoulder sockets they come with, but a cylinder. The problem with *that* is that I don't know how 3d printing works. I mean, I have access to a 3d pinter at my local library (woo), but again, I have no idea how it works or how to design stuff to print out... so I'd need to commission someone to make me that cylinder thing, then send me the file to print. I might end up making a new topic post when he arrives, at which point I'll also tell everyone which character I'm making. I'm not keeping his identity secret out of shame or anything, I just don't want to jinx myself and end up being unable to do this project by telling everyone my exact plans. The only reason I'm making *this* topic post is because I was hoping to hear some ideas, or potentially cast a net and find someone who is good at 3d print/design so I can shove money at them and beg for help lol Anyway, have a lovely day!

    DD Kaito image dump!

    UWAAAAH MY KAITO CAME HOME YESTERDAY! I don’t have my nice camera with me right now so have some pics I took with my phone! Here, have some flowers as a warm welcome! We all know Kaito loves ice cream ^^ he is my new snuggle buddy c: He sat with me while I had dinner too! :D
  3. hi! i’m very new to dollfie dreams and i am expecting my DD kaito to arrive very soon! i have bought a lot in preparation such as a bodysuit and wig cap, but i have yet to purchase any extra clothes for him! with that being said, what doll clothing sizes fit best on DDB bodies? do SD clothes fit DDB? what about smart doll clothes? i appreciate any insight! i was thinking of waiting for kaito to arrive and measure him to double-check, but i really wanna have some clothes for him upon arrival ;w;
  4. SFSakana

    Ren - Dollfie Dream Boy DDH16

    I think this is my first time posting my boy here. Its really rare to see DDB around, hope there's more in the community! Introducing my boy - Ren! He's a flesh ddh16 with custom face up by IG:lightlybettered, on Kirito DDB3 body. Planning to custom him into my fav game protagonist like Joker from Persona 5, Link from Btow etc.
  5. I welcomed my Dollfie Dream Boy via Dream Choice about a year ago now. I used Japan Doll Direct as my proxy. I reviewed my process and the doll itself as well as height comparisons with other dolls on my blog: https://www.geekysweetie.com/doll-review-volks-dollfie-dream-dream-choice-dollfie-dream-brown-skin-boy-proxy-japan-doll-direct-review/ Here are some of the pictures of my DDH16 Tan Boy. He is on the taller of the two available Dollfie Male bodies. In these last photos his (blue dream choice) eyes were starting to fall inside his head. The dream fitter tool thing isn't very good. I switched him to some etsy green eyes I had and put them in with Mack's Ear Plugs.
  6. KingyoNingyo

    Dollfie Dream Boy Measurements?

    I'm having a hard time finding measurements anywhere for DDBoys! I'm hoping to sew up some clothes for my 9S before he arrives but I'm not sure how big to make any of them. He'll be my first boy doll. Can anyone point me in the right direction... or maybe even measure their boy's waist, hips, waist-to-ankle, thigh at the widest part, calf at the widest part, and inseam? Thanks!
  7. abs2891

    And then there were four...

    Ah yes, the plan of not buying a new doll for a while lasted *checks notes* yeah, let’s go with not long enough lol but knock on wood I should now be set for a bit (my wallet at least says I am 💸) Anyways I found a custom DWC-01 head on mercari done by someone who typically worked with SDs and took on doing a DD mostly as an experiment. Per their own description, it wasn’t a flawless result (the main flaws being in the additional material used to change the eye shape) but I really couldn’t stop thinking about it, so in the end, I grabbed it, figuring after I’d found the eyes I wanted to go with it that it’d be a while before I had a body to put it on when, less than a day latter, a semi-white DDB body was listed for sale on dollyteria with not even a flaw or stain in sight. And thus... I now have a party of four. He’ll definitely be the old soul of the bunch, but that’s probably for the best. The rest could use some structure in their lives lol
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