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Found 4 results

  1. Deciding to give my Smart Doll specific photos a place to live. I do have an existing photo thread of my DD girls also if you want to check them out Anyway, back to the Smart Dolls. Here's my OG Smart Doll girl is Sana She is in the tea skin tone and has her original eyes and wig. I like both on her so I never bothered to change her up. Thanks for looking
  2. DollBound

    Two of Three

    Here is a picture of two out of three of my girls. My other girl is off getting a face up but I cant wait for her to get back so I can show you all 3 together... More pictures will be coming 😁
  3. PolitelyNefarious

    Cirque Du Nefarious

    Welcome to my project thread*! *Aka, 'Nefarious Procrastinates in Slow Motion'. "My name is Nefarious, and I'm a vinyl addict..." ...A vinyl addict who keeps telling myself, "I need to make art of each doll before posting this thread." But that's never going to get done. Who are we kidding? A quick bit of background: I became aware of the BJD / Dollfie hobby in 2009, and purchased my first full doll in 2012, starting a collective that is still going. After owning some Dollfie heads for a span, I finally bought two Angelphilia girls in 2019, sold them, then properly re-entered vinyl in 2021- 22 with a Smart Doll. Vinyl is my side-hobby, and one I curate carefully, but am passionate about nonetheless. I enjoy high fantasy, sci-fi, steam and cyberpunk, oldschool suspense / light horror, gothic fashion and the gothic story genre, street fashion, Alice in Wonderland, all fun things 80s and 90s, Victorian and Roccoco motifs, 90s and Y2K cartoons, and MMORPGs, and these interests will be reflected in my dolls. Rather than 'my collection', the group is generally referred to as 'The Elves' or 'The Hoard'. Consider this a kind of journal. Each initial post should contain a brief explanation of a doll- who they are, what their parts entail, and what needs to be done for them yet. Hopefully it shall one day contain some updates as well. Cross your fingers?
  4. Xenokitten

    Smartdoll Starlight Cinnamon Photos

    My newest doll arrived a few days ago. I turned 40 on May 22nd and wanted a new doll to mark a big birthday. Starlight was on the soon to be discontinued or low stock list so I grabbed her and she arrived on May 21st, just in time to celebrate my birthday with me.
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