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Found 15 results

  1. missb217

    Not sure which to get

    Does anyone have the stock mdd liliru or the ddp girls ribbon and coron? I’m most likely going to be deciding between them and I’d like to see them outside of stock photos/wigs etc.
  2. So I’m finally going to have enough funds to be able to pick up either an mdd or a ddp. However as we all know they aren’t cheap and so I was hoping I could get some opinions from you lovely people on first which type I should get, and second if I should get one now or get something else like a game system I’ve had my eye on that’s roughly the same price etc. thanks in advance!
  3. Hi everyone~ I was wondering if I could get any advice on starting a Dollfie Dream custom project! This is my first doll, and my idea here is to make it as an addition to a character shrine. I have an anime figure collection and I'm trying to make a Holo shrine (Holo from Spice and Wolf) but I don't have a 1/4th figure to add to the lot (and I don't like the one that was released recently). Hence the need for a custom doll! After doing my research I figured an MDD or DDP body would work best since anything bigger might look strange with my figures but now for the rest... I'm torn. For reference, these are the previous Holo custom dolls I have found during my search: Made by Daniel Ting who used the DD Saber Alter Made by https://www.dolldreaming.com/profile/884-yuan/ who used a DDH-06 on a DD-II body Made by https://www.dolldreaming.com/profile/4858-roxanne/ who used a DDH-16 on a DD body until they could get a DDS body These are all amazing. Huge inspirations. And also much bigger than what I'm looking for. ^^" At first, I was considering using a DDH-07 since it looks the most like Holo to me. But after asking other doll collectors on MFC, I realized that head would look out of proportion on a DDP body (the largest body I'm considering). So I thought DDH-06 might be the next closest thing? (DDH-02 and DDH-05 would be my next options) Also! I love Iori's head too which I discovered from this thread: But I can't seem to find her. And the sold out ones on Mandarake are a bit over my price threshold for just a head regardless... 😕 Any advice?
  4. chantelle

    Mio Honda on MDD and DDP

    I tried the Mio Honda head on the MDD body just for fun and thought I'd share for anyone who's curious! Personally I think the head feels a little too mature for the body. Some might think it's more do-able with a wig though. The head also literally doesn't fit the body. The neck is way too loose. At the slightest movement it spins around like there's no tomorrow. I feel like you could stabilize the head with a cork or something but I didn't try it out. I think the head might look cute on a DDP or Obi50 body. I might try it out when I receive my DDP!
  5. If you were like me and wondering if Angel Philia busts would work on the DDP, since there are no optional busts, then I have some good news! The Angel Philia G bust works really well on a DDP. The holes for the arm pegs and head peg line up great, there is minimal gaping, and while it is a huge bust and disproportionate to the small frame I still think it looks nice. Below are some pictures I snapped. I am now curious if any other busts would work with the DDP, as there seems to be a mix consensus of what will work and what won't.
  6. Deaknaew

    Does volks Bra fit for DDP

    Does Bra SS / S Bust of volks fit for DDP Ex https://dollfie.ec.volks.co.jp/category/D_191118_SP_DDP/4518992414683.html i'm not sure does it fit or not since DDP bust size is smaller than DDS and DD and because some cloth that list as fit for DDP sometime it's doesn't. EX. One-piece Swimsuit
  7. Xenokitten

    Dollfie Dream D'Coord DDH18

    I just received two new dolls. A Dollfie Dream D'Coord DDH18 pictured below. And a Dollfie Dream Dream Choice DDH26 - who I will share in a moment. I have taken tons of photos over on my blog here: https://www.geekysweetie.com/dollfie-dream-dream-choice-ddh26-m02-slim-dds-boy-arrival-unboxing-comparrison/ - Where I show the DDSB slim boy with all of my other various sizes of dolls - and also image dump a bunch more pics of my DDH18 for those interested. Thanks to my proxy: Sophie Alice aka Sophie Bear for helping me bring home my new dolls. My DDH18 is a tan DDP with M02 Faceup and a beautiful Teal wig. This wig looks green to the eye but photographs much more blue - especially in sunlight. She is adorable and might be my new favorite doll. Here are a few of my favorite DDH18 photos:
  8. foo

    All DD Body Sizes

    ...except DDdy which is the same height as DD so it doesn't count, I'm not saying this because I don't regret skipping the 2B preorder >_> DD, DDS, DDP, MDD, figma by bodolza, on Flickr From left to right, DD Miku, DDS Melty (on f3 body), DDP Iori Minase, MDD DDH-10, figma Megumin! for scale. Iori has a really small head. That wig kept falling off so I tried a silicone wig cap which worked great, except the fringe kind of floats in front of her face (generally a good thing) and ends up looking more like a bowl cut (generally not a good thing). I used just a touch of Volks' Wig Treatment stuff to try and style it; in person it looks pretty good but I'll spend more time later to see what I can do.
  9. Oliver


    Ive taken my doll Ponpon to my friend and took some pictures of her! I want to give her a new face-up as the curent one is very simple. And her mouth is so small you can barely see it lol. (anybody know what i can use to whipe away the curent one?) I want to give her new eyes and posibly a new wig aswel but im having trouble finding one that i like for her. Annyway yea here she is, i really like decora fashion and colorful thing.
  10. Hello!! It’s me again- 😹 i have an existential question.. which one is better between the volks body stocking and the volks body suit?? As a recent DD collector, i of course get very worried about clothes staining my dolls.. i have not use anything to protect my MDD yet as i only let her wear white and pastel clothing until now! But for my DDP i’m really considering getting one because she will have pop colored clothes sometimes(?) i guess.. i’m not ready to let them wear black, red, navy clothes yet though 😹 and i actually like the body stocking more because it’s more discrete and can be hidden well but does it protect from staining as well as the body suit?? i really don’t like the kinda turtle neck and sleeves on the body suit.. but if it works better i might as well take that and maybe modify it 🤔 please give me some advice! ^ ^
  11. Hello! i was curious were most of you get cute jewelries for your dolls? I own MDD and DDP girls and i would love to have them wear cute jewellery. I know some are part of sets, i own a choker from a volks set but i was wondering if any shops/retailers also just sell bracelets/chokers by themselves! The only one i found was a a cute lotta mimi choker but i sadly lost the auction and there was no other listings like it ever since ☹️
  12. Oliver

    First doll!

    Hello! Today i picked up my very first vinyl doll! After having bjds for almost 5 years i wanted to start with something new. Shes a Dollfie Dream Pretty Coron and i named her Mizuki. For my first vinyl i wanted to start with a basic set. However i would also like to start doing my own face-ups and perhaps in the future will atempt so on her... (lil question, what do i use to whipe the curent face clean with? I know so for bjds but vinyl is very new to me) Im very happy with her, but oh so scared to break her. Also compared to my bjds shes HUGE, i keep looking at her "holy shit...". So far i put her in a dress wich is too short but i dont hate it. I just want her to have some long sock or leggings. Also if you know where to buy clothes for DDP i will apreciate that alot :') Here are some pictures.
  13. KingyoNingyo

    Kingyo's Sewing Photos

    Hopefully this is in the right place! I got my first vinyl doll a month or so ago from the Volks USA store, a Dollfie Dream Pretty with the default bust. She's my first 1/3 scale doll and oh my GOSH is she fun to sew for. I've been using a lot of Requiem Art 1/3 Curvy patterns, printed at 85% scale, and so far they're fitting great. Here's her Qipao pattern on Yoko. If I make it again, I'll decrease the size of the bust darts. I didn't take the waist in because Yoko's supposed to be about 14 and I didn't want her dress to be too tight.
  14. BiscuitBoxx

    DDP body Stocking?

    So I’ve ordered a Dollfie Dream Pretty, and I understand that their smaller but not as small as the minis. Do they have their own body stockings? What would be compatible? Other options for protecting the vinyl?
  15. Kymera

    DDP and Option Hands?

    Hi all! I'm hoping to add a DDP to my collection sometime this year, but I'm wondering what hand options are available for the size? Do have their own unique hand size? Do they wear MDD hands or can they wear regular DD-sized hands with the correct wrist attachment? Thanks!
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