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Found 8 results

  1. I grabbed this gorgeous head from Mandarake! I’ve been looking at her in store for months before finally going for it. She’s a DD and I was pleasantly surprised to find a signature and date inside from the artist! I can’t make out what it says but if anyone knows who the artist is I would love to show them once I finish her(someday lol). so immediately I’m trying to pick which body I should be on the look out for and my knowledge of vinyl dolls is so small. The problem is I want her to have thinner legs and a pretty large bust!! I see her as this sexy pretty vampire girl who won’t wear many clothes at all. tinyfox bodies look too young, I don’t like the boobies on dollfiedreams, she deserves better than imomo(ily imomo but yno), smart dolls are MASSIVE. Other than those I only know of angelphillia and I’m kind of liking the idea of that. The heads a little big but I don’t think it looks that bad. it really bothers me how APs butt is SO SMALL 😭compared to those thighs I would totally want some nice curvy hips and butt! But for her Maybe I could just put a AP bust on an Obitsu body? other than got any suggestions?!!!
  2. Hey folks! I would like to know if anyone knows the number of the head sculpt for Jessica here! https://imgur.com/a/Gc1IIX8
  3. Chocola

    DDH23 Dream choice

    Never see this head anywhere online, looked all over for it. Here’s a picture of it for anyone who wants to see. hope I post this in the right category as I’ve never used this site ! https://imgur.com/a/5CRPKo9
  4. Hi everyone~ I was wondering if I could get any advice on starting a Dollfie Dream custom project! This is my first doll, and my idea here is to make it as an addition to a character shrine. I have an anime figure collection and I'm trying to make a Holo shrine (Holo from Spice and Wolf) but I don't have a 1/4th figure to add to the lot (and I don't like the one that was released recently). Hence the need for a custom doll! After doing my research I figured an MDD or DDP body would work best since anything bigger might look strange with my figures but now for the rest... I'm torn. For reference, these are the previous Holo custom dolls I have found during my search: Made by Daniel Ting who used the DD Saber Alter Made by https://www.dolldreaming.com/profile/884-yuan/ who used a DDH-06 on a DD-II body Made by https://www.dolldreaming.com/profile/4858-roxanne/ who used a DDH-16 on a DD body until they could get a DDS body These are all amazing. Huge inspirations. And also much bigger than what I'm looking for. ^^" At first, I was considering using a DDH-07 since it looks the most like Holo to me. But after asking other doll collectors on MFC, I realized that head would look out of proportion on a DDP body (the largest body I'm considering). So I thought DDH-06 might be the next closest thing? (DDH-02 and DDH-05 would be my next options) Also! I love Iori's head too which I discovered from this thread: But I can't seem to find her. And the sold out ones on Mandarake are a bit over my price threshold for just a head regardless... 😕 Any advice?
  5. So I'm pretty new to this hobby and just received my first doll, a Parabox Akari head with a 27cm Obitsu body, and was wondering how loose the head should be since I have no experience (I don't want to mess it up, either!). Right now her head is mostly stable and turns right to left without any issue, but is perhaps a little loose in holding up/down facing positions. I'm not sure how to explain it - basically it takes only a light touch for her head to tilt a little downwards again, and those poses aren't held as strong as right/left facing poses. Is this typical for these bodies? I did notice that the neck joint (I think that's what you'd call it) seemed a little wiggly on its own too. Overall it's not a huge issue but something I want to make sure I'm doing right. I screwed the neck piece in for what seemed like quite a while trying to make sure it was tight enough, and made sure the neck was placed snugly up against the base of the head. I selected the largest neck piece included as well, as it was the one that kept her head the most stable when I screwed it in as far as I could. I was also unsure of what the different sizes of neck pieces mean - the ones that go in the head and are screwed in. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  6. I’m planning on making a custom Junko Enoshima DD and want it to be as close to the character as possible, That’s why I would like to know what mold this custom Junko head in these pictures is using. I have done some investigation myself and I think she is using the DDH-07 Semi-white head, But i’m not sure of it. so I’m asking the forum for help, if maybe someone can identify this mold. (On the left is a random DDH-09 head and on the right is the suspected DDH-07 head.) If anyone knows what mold this custom Junko head is using feel free to leave it in the replies, it would help me out a ton! 😄
  7. Warning: The wording of my post might look strange to you as I’m sleepy and have a question! Hi! I want to buy a blank DDH-07 to permanently modify in order to create a custom look for my first BJD, a female Obitsu 60 (unnamed), to use for when she finally arrives at her new home in 2-3+ months. 😓 However, I’m having issues finding guides on permanently modifying DDH (or even Parabox-Obitsu) eye sockets by reshaping and resizing them with a craft knife and sandpaper. Is it possible to reshape and resize eye sockets without messing it up to the point it becomes unusable in the first place?
  8. Dollymoe

    Custom paint obitsu 21

    Hi! everyone ! I have a new custom paint obitsu, there includes handmade wig bi color! i hope you like it!!! You can follow my custom anime dolls and more here
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