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Found 11 results

  1. Meggiekarp

    Anime BJDs

    How many of us also have anime styled resin dolls? Where did you get your resin doll from? I'm still waiting on my HDF31 Coco 😫
  2. First time posting art here, its in this forum cause it is related to a doll. πŸ˜› Tinyfox Murphy but in a different outfit. πŸ˜› Anyways here is the original description that was used in all of my other socials with the art on it. "First digital artwork of 2024! WOO! And another thing is a new character as well! I don't really know much about her yet, as I'm developing her, I don't even have a name yet ;-; Buuut yeah, basically a girl born from dreams. The shading was a pain for a different reason this time.. cause of it being a backlit piece, I had a hard time with her face, Colors were not helping either but I managed... Another thing which will become a regular now is a watermark. Ima try not to have it cover like 100% of the drawing XDD To hint on the girls birthday, I put the Aquarius and Pisces symbols cause I'm deciding between December, February and March.. idk why.. (Can't fit Decembers Zodiac lol) Although the drawing was hell to make, despite using the symmetry ruler 90% of the time, it turned out quite pretty and I hope yall like it too!" Some notes: The zodiacs were for my planned birthdays, February and March was considered cause i thought that was when she would come.. buuuut realized that no matter where I went, she will come between April-June.. WAAAAAA- ah well i guess.. at least i have some preparation time.. She prob will still have a birthday in the December-March range tho. The outfit in question is called Winter Witch. (Outfit in question, got the image from the Anubis Shop :P) Any doll related artworks will be posted to this forum. πŸ˜›
  3. AwkwardMango

    Candy Dream Dolls

    Candy Dream dolls are cute tiny chibi resin dolls and are based in Korea. Here I'll introduce you to a bjd brand that you may not have heard of that makes super cute chibis, your wallet might take a hit if your not careful. Here's some pictures of some their cute dolls! Hes so cute with that soft expression I also really like her face up, so cute. And we have their special candy which is their limited tan skin dolls, I think the color is quite nice. His face up is really cute too. What do you think of Candy Dream dolls, would consider getting one? I definitely have some their dolls on my ever growing dolly wish list.... πŸ˜“ Also sorry if this post sounds a bit awkward, I get nervous about what to write... Edit - Forgot to add some links ^^; Where to Buy Them htο»Ώtp://candy-dream.com/category/basic-candy/25/ http://dolkus.com/list.php?dool=3929&pan=Candy Dream #h_cart Where to Follow Candy Dream on Social Media https://twitter.com/tw_candydoll https://www.instagram.com/ins_candydoll/ Use the hashtag μΊ”λ””λŒ on both instagram and twitter to see more owner pictures of their dolls Hope this helps β™₯️
  4. So, I was inspired by The Quintessential Quintuplets, to create dollifes of all five of the sisters, will it be hard? Yes, will it be expensive? *Looks at wallet* Yes... Rip my money Will it be worth it, Yes. I am determined to do so, and I will try my best to recreate the Quintuplets! and I think I'll start with, recreating Ichika, as she is the eldest, and well, she is named after the order she was brought to the world. Wish me luck.
  5. Neko1967

    New Smart Doll

    I am brand new to the idea of getting a BJD. I must admit I really like the Smart Dolls. The first one I saw was Kanata with her Green eyes and glasses (Glasses Extra) which is what I am looking for. Though she is beautiful with her pouty face not sure I want to be locked to that. My next favorite is Prowess she has the large Anime Eyes just wish they were green. Also I would prefer not to have the red face markings but I do not hate them. I have lots of questions but let me start with a few. Is there an option to have eyes color Changed in the order Are all the doll body's pretty much the same with the exception of skin tone. I ask because if my character if real is only 157 CM so her legs would not be too long. Showing pic of my Kurumi below. Which Doll would you start with for her? Kurumi is a the taller Cat Girl with Glasses.
  6. I hope everyone has been faring well and staying safe as usual in 2021. Covid has not gone anywhere but just find ways to have fun, indoors, or out doors. If outdoors just stay as safe as possible. Here is Rem, Ram and Emilia having fun during covid in 2021.
  7. salica

    Azone \ Obitsu 45cm-50cm

    My first post since the forum changed ... A month ago I received my 3rd character dolls from the anime : '' Is the order a rabbit ? '' ,. As we moved house last fall and I'm still working on my new studio , I haven't had the chance to open the 2 first ones but I was too excited to see Chino , I opened her box right away . I really love here , she is so cute . Her body is an Obitsu 45 cm ...even if they say it is Azone , I know what an Obitsu body looks like πŸ˜‰ My girls were happy to welcome her , but she was a little shy ^_^ I'm glad the forum is more easy to use now . I'll try to post regularly here too . Salica
  8. Dollymoe

    Custom paint obitsu 21

    Hi! everyone ! I have a new custom paint obitsu, there includes handmade wig bi color! i hope you like it!!! You can follow my custom anime dolls and more here
  9. Animaster888

    your dream doll

    I wanted to make an osomatsu san smart doll. what is your dream custom doll?
  10. Hello! I'm seeking ideas on making a custom Todomatsu Matsuno Smartdoll from osomatsu-san. does anyone have any? This is him
  11. Animaster888

    osomatsu-san fans?

    I was looking for any Osomatsu-san fans on this website. I was gonna make a Todomatsu doll and wanted help Thanks!
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