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Found 9 results

  1. I've been considering putting together a custom Dollfie for a while, but what complicates this is that my vision would be one with similar coloring to a Dollfie Icon. Specifically its the unnatural skin tones like the blue, purple and green. While I love the Icons, but I am more interested in putting together a MDD for this kinda project. I would also just feel real guilty if I wiped on of their faces for any project, they are just so pretty lol. So that's where my question comes into play. Does anyone here have any examples of custom dyed dollfies, what supplies you would need, or any tips on how to go about dyeing one? I know its possible, as I've seen a custom dyed Miku online a while ago. I don't have any saved photos on hand nor any info on how they went about dyeing her, so I am just left a bit lost. Any tips or recommendations would be appreciated !
  2. Gweneveryn

    Modded DDH-22

    Here is a modded DDH-22 I finished a few days ago! She is my first additive and open mouth mod. The shape of the eyes have been changed by pasting soft vinyl onto it~
  3. Greta

    Obitsu male modification?

    Hi! I’m getting 2 obitsu bodies for my 2 ddh heads, one is male and one is female, i’m switching the girls upper and lower torso with angel philia parts because i really like detailed bodies, does anyone know any detailed male parts? x~x Does angel philia make male parts? Or is there any mod artists who maybe does it? Sorry if this sounds weird x-x . I really like ( NSFW WARNING NUDITY) https://www.instagram.com/shuishengwune/ creations but i don’t think they do commissions or work on vinyl 😵
  4. Warning: The wording of my post might look strange to you as I’m sleepy and have a question! Hi! I want to buy a blank DDH-07 to permanently modify in order to create a custom look for my first BJD, a female Obitsu 60 (unnamed), to use for when she finally arrives at her new home in 2-3+ months. 😓 However, I’m having issues finding guides on permanently modifying DDH (or even Parabox-Obitsu) eye sockets by reshaping and resizing them with a craft knife and sandpaper. Is it possible to reshape and resize eye sockets without messing it up to the point it becomes unusable in the first place?
  5. At the tail end of last year I purchased this modded DDH-02 head that came with..... a lot of mouth pieces. The person I bought it from purchased it off YJA. This is my first modded head, and while I can guess what 1 or 2 of the other mouthpieces are, most of them I'm not sure of. Would anybody have any ideas/guesses for them? I mean, I really do love the fang mouth (though I think I need to fix it, again), but I'd like to know what everything else is for.
  6. So i was thinking but i’m not sure, would it be possibe to get apoxie sculpt to stick to the vinyl if i molded it roughly, let it dry aside, glued it back on and sanded it? I’m not exactly sure how it’d work since i’ve never modded a head but i’m interested in seeing if this would work.
  7. I'm going to show you how I made a boy Mini Dollfie Dream body using Obitsu torso parts! Required parts: Volks MDD body in Semi-White Parabox/Obitsu 45cm male torso shell (upper and lower soft vinyl parts) in White Process: Remove the arms and legs from the MDD body. Detach the MDD upper torso skeleton part from the lower torso skeleton part. Remove the lower torso skeleton part through one of the leg holes in the vinyl MDD shell. Cut out a 2cm deep wedge on each side of the Obitsu male lower torso shell. Slide the MDD lower torso skeleton into the Obitsu shell from the top opening. The Obitsu/Parabox shell is really soft and flexible. Although the male upper body is wider than the MDD, it can be squished to allow the arms to sit securely in the sockets. The neck has a better range of movement, too! If you want to use an Obitsu/Parabox head on the MDD skeleton, make a stopper from EVA (craft) foam and slip it on the neck peg. Now you have a boy 45cm vinyl fashion doll! He will fit in regular MSD size clothing, and can use the 45cm stain-prevention bodysuit from Parabox.
  8. Hey there! I posted last week about my first faceup. Lovely friend gave me some tips on a smooth paint job so I tried again today! Heres the finished product of my head for my doll Bon: Hoping her wig arrives this week! Also hoping to order her body end of this week.
  9. So I've started my first ever additive mod on two heads and this is what I have so far. Eiji is 1 of 2 heads which this as ou can see is getting one eye closed. I also have my Izzy (Sq-Lab Tashibana) who is having some pointed ears added. hers need some more work so I may rework what I have with sanding. let me know thoughts on how i have done 😃
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