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Found 8 results

  1. CreationOdyssey

    Hey there!!

    Oh hey 👋🏾 I’m Mariana, I collect mostly Nendoroid dolls (all my nendos are on doll bodies) and Azone dolls (tried to stick with Alvastaria but ended up with way more including the Sugar Cups girls), I’m currently waiting on my first Tinyfox doll the little fox girl. Been crossing my fingers for a darker skinned MDD to come along but I think I’m going to have to just dye my own girl. Also going to try for the Megumin doll that was just announced. I also make miniature foods and love building dollhouses and roomboxes as well. I dabble in doll/toy photography and love sewing!
  2. Oliver

    New! +plans

    Hello i m new here! I made my acc a few months ago however then i got busy with school. Since 2015 ive been collecting bjds however ive always loved vinyl dolls. It just seemed very hard to get them in europe and i got very intimidated by hearing how fast they can stain. Im quite a paranoid person en havent had my curtains open in ages of fear of my dolls yellowing ;w;" However as im graduating in a few weeks i wanted to get myself a present. I will be buying the Mini Dollfie Dream Liliru standard set! Im only really intrested in 1/4 dolls and i absolutly love her. Ive already been thinking of a character, She would have a kind of magical girl fashion sense, horns, elf ears and ill make her a tail! I do am still looking to buy her more stuff but i dont really know where? For my bjds i preffer natural fibre wigs however i like vinyl dolls more with synthetic wigs. but that means i dont really know where to get them from. Feel free to sugest me some stores, etsy shops ect that sell some wigs, clothes and eyes. I also hope to make some new friends here! Sorry if the term i use are wrong? Englsih isnt my first language and like i mentiond before ive only really collected bjds.
  3. Clovy


    I currently don't own any dolls right now, But i couldn't help myself and i just had to make an account... So i could tell others how cute their dolls are!! Also to learn more about these dolls, I've been interested since i was young, and have dreamed about having one since! I do plan on getting a standard dollfie/smart doll someday (Hopefully soon as i'll start working in a few months!) Also, Sorry if this seems very weird to mention, But i do like to give people heads a up so they don't think i'm rude. I have Social Anxiety Disorder, so i'm sorry if i seem very awkward or don't reply often. I'm hoping being apart of this amazing forum will help me with that! Thank you for reading ❤️
  4. I recently got into the whole dolls thing. I wanna get started but I’m a little lost with everything. I really like the smaller dolls (Obitsu 11 with hikari head). What should I first do when it comes to getting/creating my own doll? Good websites that I can shop on that is in English?
  5. Dollfie-Sarah

    New here

    Hi everyone, I have been lurking on this forum for a while but this is my first post I have 2 Volks SD girls and I am looking to buy my first Smart Doll, hopefully a Smart Doll Gaia.
  6. SiofraLu

    My Smart Doll and I say hi!

    Hello! My name is Lu, and I am a doll addict. I found this forum while googling info about Smart Dolls and thought it would be good to join and be able to actually ask questions. My girl is a Serenity (which I have since discovered is the same as a few others but for some reason I really love her specifically, probably in large part due to her purple eyes). She is a cortex, I am not a hugely experienced doll owner, and the vinyl and staining does intimidate me, so I took the website’s advice and went with the less expensive option (I did get a vinyl chest piece and hands though). I do have an obitsu, who is my mini me, but her head is a Mc2 doll head so I believe she is off topic here? Mini Lu is still in the first outfit I ever put her in, as many of my dolls are, thus my worry about vinyl. I do hope one day to have a vinyl Smart Doll, and maybe even a Dollfie Dream but who knows what the future shall bring. Happy to have found this place.
  7. naniibanani

    yo!! its me, ya girl!

    hi there! thought I'd go ahead and post an introduction!! you can call me nani, and I'm new the vinyl/dollfie dream scene! I fell in love with the MDD when I saw photos on pinterest, and set my sights on getting one!! I currently only have one, which I named Annamae! (no pun intended LMAO) I really hope to make friends and share more photos with you guys!! thanks!
  8. Yuichan


    Heya! I'm Yui, but i'm fine with every Name. I love Vinyl BJD's, but i never really got into it because i was always on the Resin-Side of the Hobby. I dont really know much about Vinyl BJD's, and i want to Change that since i want to Customize my own Mini Dolfie Dream Wohoo! And i just feel like this is the right place for asking Question and Sharing my Journey. I also have a DOA Account, where i speak about my Resin Dolls, but i felt that Den Of Angels isnt the right place to speak about MDD's. I'm also collecting Anime Figures and Manga. After i get some Resin BJD's that are on my List i'll Hopefully get my First Smartdoll! I Actually would prefer buying my MMD before a Smart Doll, but like i said i dont really know much and im a little bi insecure about it. Anyways, Thank you for Reading! I always like to meet new People, especially in this hobby, since i dont have really Friends who share the Hobby with me, so feel free to Message me Anytime! Also, on a little Sidenote; Is it normal that the Profile Picture is blurry and pixilated? I tried it with some really High Res Pictures but nothing seems to work.
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