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Found 11 results

  1. URGANT QUESTION I am considering on switching from Tinyfox Murphy to Tinyfox Kakav, which has a lot of dark clothing, and i cannot find any shops that have the Tinyfox bodysuit for sale, so how am i meant to deal with the stains?? OR, WHERE THE HECK CAN I FIND THE BODYSUIT OR AN ALTERNATIVE!! PLEASE HELP!!
  2. Hello all! I'm very new to vinyl dolls and I'm getting my first angel philia doll in the next couple of months. I was wondering if there's any special care angel philia dolls in particular require? My doll is gonna be a tan konatsu! I saw something about stuffing their middle with polyfill? Why is that? 🤔
  3. GothicSkies

    TinyFox tips and info?

    Hiya, I just wanna come and ask for any advice on Tinyfox dolls and how to handle them and such... as i plan to get my first one around Jan-Mar, and i wanna try to know a lil more lol.
  4. I have a couple questions in regards to dolls aaand.. drawing?? alright i'll get to it in a minute lol. My first question is kind of simple.. If the doll you are getting has a name already.. is it ok to rename them? I figure you could.. cause it would be kinda odd to have a restriction on renaming your dolls lol.. buuut just asking for the lolz.. The second question.. is.. If the drawings are related to dolls in question.. is it ok to post them here?? Cause I occasionally draw dolls i like, especially the one im currently after, having sketched her several times.. Since im uncertain on if i can post said drawings here, i thought to ask. THe final question i wanna ask is simple.. What sizes for body suits and wig caps are best for 1/6 Tinyfox dolls? I just wanna be sure.. ;w; Oh and tiny updates on me. Found out that the original site the doll im after is on is actually cheaper.. and that there is not exactly an extreme time limit.. if there is one.. its around 9 months.. aaand given this baby has been announced 4 weeks ago.. i think i got a bit of time.. Aaand i started my commissions!
  5. EYO, so here is some updates on my doll stuffies, so i discovered another doll, fully complete for only $170.. so now thats my goal.. due to her being on preorder, my idea is to finally start my art commissions up, Just gonna work on one last drawing before i do so, which actually will be posted to the site cause it is related to the doll i desire. And hey, as a plus, if things go well.. what a beautiful way to finally be truly a part of this community than to get the doll on your own. SO my goal is now set, a $170 doll, which is fully completed and possibly even includes a lil pillow. Brand: Tinyfox. A sacrifice in her height is a small price to pay for something like this finally coming true. I only have one last thing to ask of yall... Along side any extra advice to caring for a now Tinyfox doll, do you also have any good Eye putties or Doll stands to consider? As i am unfamilar especially with the putties for the eyes, as to what is going to go fine and what will damage her.. thus, i am asking for a little more advice on this before i finally begin my journey. Last note: The doll was from DollBjd.
  6. Holy heck I'm on this site again, anyways, I am a teenage artist on social media who became very much in love with Mini Dollfie Dream Dolls, and want to join in on having my own Mini Dollfie Dream, however i am kind of just trying to figure out a good way to save money on said doll (For my parents wallet and sanity lol) (I need to start my commissions but I'm a coward) So, theres one thing thats prob not gonna end up changing, the price for the head and body.. The head varies with the price cause of detail, materials used ect.. so im planning to just get a base head and paint my own head (Plus to be a lil more like the Dollfie photographer i admire greatly) and body.. well.. is straight up the most expensive piece lol However.. what are some ways i could save money on say.. materials for painting the face and head, outfits, wigs, ect. ect. Again, im mainly asking not just for me, but for my parents too since at this time.. I don't make money (Again should start commissions to hecking help) Any extra tips on Mini Dollfie dreams in general is very much appreciated cause although i know a little on MDD, I don't really know much at all on care and such.. (Closest thing i got is a flipping Monster High Draculaura doll lol) But yeah, ANYTHING to help with saving money on this soon to be new hobby would be great, yes, you can also link people or sellers that are good for a budget as well.. This is not just for the wallet.. but also for my parents sanity too lol. Please don't say anything on needing to have good money to have such hobby.. I just really like the dolls, they are precious and gorgeous, and want to have my own lil one too. ^w^'

    Obitsu custom help!

    Hello! I'm new to this but I am looking to make a doll custom for Don Quixote and Ishmael from Limbus Company. I'd like to use the same base as this doll in the picture and I'm pretty sure its an obitsu type but I'm not positive as to which one it is... links would be very much appreciated! Also, to be specific I am looking for the model names of the type of head, and body base also if I can get some help on what type of eyes, hair and clothes are being used so I can search up the kind I need. Thank you!
  8. Calyps0Kitt3n

    Help re-styling Kagamine Len wig?

    My Len's wig was looking a tad rough, so I wanted to try and fix it up just a bit. I took out the rubber band on the wig to try redoing it, but couldn't seem to get it right. Kept ending up looking about the same, just with less stray hair strands poking out. The ponytail always just ends up curling heavily to the left, right or even under itself. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions on how to get his wig looking more like the official images? How would I go about making the ponytail more centered, so it doesn't heavily lean to one side of his head? I'd be happy with most any wig styling tips to be honest, I'm just having a difficult time with that ponytail. I've fixed/redone my Miku's wigs quite a few times, but this one has been so much harder. Did I make a mistake by even removing the band at all? 😓 I have a feeling I should probably get some kinda hairspray or gel, but wanted to ask around here first to see what anyone might suggest. Don't think I've unlocked the picture uploading feature here yet, so I hope I'm getting things across well with just my words. Thanks in advance for any help!
  9. (This is the finished version of another topic) Hey everyone, so i have a question and i hope you guys that own a Mini Dollfie Dream can help me. So i plan to get a Mini Dollfie Dream doll, i have dreamed of owning one since January 2022 and im gonna slowly try to get the doll piece by piece. I could not use the "Insert Image from URL" do to not knowing how to do it all.. so go to the link below for the photos. Photos of Box So i got this box, its an Oculus box that my mother gave me, its 16.3/8" in Inches, i plan to use it for the doll, although i may turn it into sort of a bed lol. I plan to get a MDD body with small bust with a DDH-27 head (So i dont need to sand off lips) My question is simple.. will the doll fit in the box or will it be too big.. and show how much larger the doll will be to the box if it is too big for the box. Any help and information to help will be appreciated greatly! ^w^'
  10. ah, hi. I,ve been seeing many cute dolls around here, as well through the japanese community on twitter and global community in flicker. The more i look at them, the more i wish i had one. I've considered a DD or a Evoke. For a DD i decided on little Karin https://dollfie.ec.volks.co.jp/item/4518992422138.html i look at her i feel like shes family. But it is not final, i am also still wondering about a Evoke doll. and there area a few things i need to know, specially since i can barely make sense of anything at their official site when it comes to order. The doll in question would be this one, well if that is a full doll. http://evokedoll.com/en/pd.jsp?id=81#pfc={"groupIds":[15],"mul":true,"nvMid":563,"lid":1,"sc":{"key":"name","desc":false}}&_pp=0_563_15 could anyone help me with this matter? i wouldn't be getting the Evoke right now because of pet fur all over. but i sure want her. thank you and sorry if i infringed any rules...
  11. Some background: I've got a Dollfie Dream girl, I've had her for years. Her body is secondhand and has some stains, and I just bought a smaller chest for her. I'd like to re-do the hideous faceup I did when I initially got the head (and perhaps darken her skin tone a shade or two using pastels since I'm scared of dye). I'm also planning on blushing her body (mostly to give her muscle definition, since she is supposed to be StronkTM). My question, as a total noob, is... What tools and supplies do you guys like to use? I'm talking brands, brush types and sizes, the whole nine yards. Because if someone just says "small brushes" or "chalk pastels" then I spend three hours standing in the store or browsing the internet and wondering which to get and ultimately getting frustrated and giving up. Here is what I currently own in my supplies: Sprays: Mr Super Clear Flat UV Cut and Zoukei-Mura UV Cut Pastels: General's Chalk Pastels in #4029, #4053, #4051, and #4089; Zoukei-Mura Make Pastels (basic set) A pile of various acrylics designed for miniature painting that probably aren't best suited for dolls Super cheap watercolor pencils that are worthless Tamiya Acrylic Paint Thinner X-20A A set of Army Painter mini-painting brushes Clearly, my toolset needs some serious work (and perhaps a dedicated toolbox). So please, suggestions!
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