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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, sorry for immediately rushing to the forum when something goes odd with my first vinyl, but I'm a bit puzzled. I got an Imomodoll Canis head in tan secondhand, and it came with a faceup already applied. I removed the faceup with 91% Isopropyl Alcohol, but the alcohol left behind a sort of....powdery pale finish onto the vinyl? It goes away temporarily with water, only to show again when the head dries. This isn't my customizing rodeo, but I'm used to playline fashion dolls and acetone, so I'm a bit puzzled. Should I try another round with acetone to remove it, or am I missing something?
  2. URGANT QUESTION I am considering on switching from Tinyfox Murphy to Tinyfox Kakav, which has a lot of dark clothing, and i cannot find any shops that have the Tinyfox bodysuit for sale, so how am i meant to deal with the stains?? OR, WHERE THE HECK CAN I FIND THE BODYSUIT OR AN ALTERNATIVE!! PLEASE HELP!!
  3. NOT ANYTHING SUPER DOLL RELATED BUT COMMISSIONS HAVE OPENED!! My intention is to save for a doll i have been eying on, one of the dolls i like im very confident will be coming home, but i really wanna get the other one i really like (Tinyfox Kakav) So to make my artist presence really known, im posting my commissions here! So if ya want some art from me, feel free to message me on my socials that are linked on my profile, or just comment here, I recommend messaging on my socials so i can get to ya faster. Couple Notes: I take money through my Mothers Venmo. Artist Experience is 9-10 Years. (August? 2024 will be 10 years) A Colored Sketch i did to announce it. (Colored Sketches are not availiable) An Example of my Art.
  4. Hey yall.. ima be honest i need help.. Im in a BJD server, and im starting to get stressed out for searching for anything for the doll.. The reason is cause of fear of the seller being a recast seller... Cause they say that even if you buy something else from them thats not a doll.. it would basically say "You can sell recasts, i wont buy it but you can sell them.." And its stressing me out.. especially given i am the type that would buy something that has good reviews and looks good.. but reviews cannot be depended on for telling.. you'd need to look through the entire shop before buying one item.. and again.. it is stressing me out.. So.. I beg of yall.. do you have any shops that you frequent for BJD clothes or accessories.. that are not recast sellers to your knowledge.. An extra question.. how can you tell if you found a recast seller or not, or even better, how to tell if a shop is secretly selling recasts behind the scenes.. (Like SophiesToyParadise on Etsy for example)... so when I'm looking on my own, I can notice and avoid them..
  5. Holy heck I'm on this site again, anyways, I am a teenage artist on social media who became very much in love with Mini Dollfie Dream Dolls, and want to join in on having my own Mini Dollfie Dream, however i am kind of just trying to figure out a good way to save money on said doll (For my parents wallet and sanity lol) (I need to start my commissions but I'm a coward) So, theres one thing thats prob not gonna end up changing, the price for the head and body.. The head varies with the price cause of detail, materials used ect.. so im planning to just get a base head and paint my own head (Plus to be a lil more like the Dollfie photographer i admire greatly) and body.. well.. is straight up the most expensive piece lol However.. what are some ways i could save money on say.. materials for painting the face and head, outfits, wigs, ect. ect. Again, im mainly asking not just for me, but for my parents too since at this time.. I don't make money (Again should start commissions to hecking help) Any extra tips on Mini Dollfie dreams in general is very much appreciated cause although i know a little on MDD, I don't really know much at all on care and such.. (Closest thing i got is a flipping Monster High Draculaura doll lol) But yeah, ANYTHING to help with saving money on this soon to be new hobby would be great, yes, you can also link people or sellers that are good for a budget as well.. This is not just for the wallet.. but also for my parents sanity too lol. Please don't say anything on needing to have good money to have such hobby.. I just really like the dolls, they are precious and gorgeous, and want to have my own lil one too. ^w^'

    Obitsu custom help!

    Hello! I'm new to this but I am looking to make a doll custom for Don Quixote and Ishmael from Limbus Company. I'd like to use the same base as this doll in the picture and I'm pretty sure its an obitsu type but I'm not positive as to which one it is... links would be very much appreciated! Also, to be specific I am looking for the model names of the type of head, and body base also if I can get some help on what type of eyes, hair and clothes are being used so I can search up the kind I need. Thank you!
  7. Hello all! I hope this is the right place to ask this. I've been a little frustrated with the AP body, and was thinking of possibly trying to hybrid an AP head with an MDD body. I've never made a hybrid before, so I was wondering if it was possible and how would it look? Would it look okay or funky? I know there might be some size differences which I'm concerned about. Would I need an adaptor for the head?
  8. SkullBoy

    Help I'm worried 😟

    So like my dollfie dream fell off my self(old DDll body I got in 2013)as I was gonna put her back I noticed her legs seemed kind of weird so I turned her around and her legs where like hanging off of the thigh piece. I tried to take her whole leg piece off but it won't budge not even when I heat it up. I'm really worried one because she's my favorite and I've had her for so long and two because I don't have the funds to get a new one. https://ibb.co/b2HF0FJ https://ibb.co/7Nd0hjr https://ibb.co/VM5F8PV https://ibb.co/ScQZzfd
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