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Found 58 results

  1. UsagiTeatime


    From the album: Dojima Nanako-chan

  2. UsagiTeatime

    Nanako in Twilight

    From the album: Dojima Nanako-chan

  3. 0bsequi0us

    DDH-21 custom faceup!

    I've never had an MDD, but I've been meaning to get one for a while! I happened to see this gal for sale secondhand, so I bit the bullet and got her. She came with a modified default faceup from the original owner, which I thought was very cute: I really wanted to do my own faceup, but to be honest this original faceup was so cute I put it off for a while. But I noticed that some of the sealant that the previous owner had used to make their additions was cracking a bit, so I used that as an excuse to wipe and repaint her. I still love how the original face looked, so I tried to incorporate some of the elements I liked into it, like the ^ shape of the extra blush over the nose that the previous owner added. Also I didn't realize this sculpt had such a prominent upper lip, but that gives the cute effect of it sorta looking like she's biting her lower lip when I added some tiny teeth in there. Overall I like how she came out! Not sure how I feel about this wig or these eyes yet, but these were "hand-me-downs" from my resin anime dolls. I also have a tan Kakuso torso, so she may be pulling a Ranma 1/2 sometime soon... we'll see. 😬
  4. babybluebunnyboy

    MDD in 1/3 clothing??

    Hihi!! I've asked this question before but I was curious if any fellow doll parents possibly could either try this out for me or already have photos of them doing so! I LOVE the baggy look of clothes on MDD's, and I will be getting both a regular MDD & MDD Mochi-Ashi and I would so deeply appreciate anyone that could show me photos of their MDD's in 1/3 / SD/DD Clothing! I want to see how far the baggy can go before its too much, and a little weird. There are some CUTE SD/DD clothes out there that my babies would look gorgeous in once I get them home, and I'd love to know if 1/3 sizing I can look into for them! (More specifically with: Shirts, sweaters, jackets, underwear - specifically boxers and panties (NOT bras, my dolls will be aged to be literally below 7 and 5 years), and socks) Thank you for any replies or photos!! :3c
  5. I finished my Mini Dollfie Dream's faceup today! I think she turned out really well. ☺️ Can't post photos yet, unfortunately, but I still wanted to share haha. 🤳
  6. Does anyone have some recommended sewing patterns (shirts, skirts, dresses, pants) for MDD/MSD dolls? preferably free lol
  7. babybluebunnyboy

    Recommendations for this? Best route?

    Heya! So, I'm looking for advice for 2 things A. Because these are fully articulated is it worth buying the standard vinyl/non posable hands for my boy MDD? B. These are for semi-white skin, severely yellowed. My MDD boy these will be on is Flesh toned! This photo is from the seller as they are currently on there way, and I don't have dolls atm to try them on! Left - Semi-white hand , Mid - The articulated hand I'm referencing , Right - Flesh toned hand If anyone has any advice on color matching the articulated hand to be fully flesh toned, I'd super appreciate it! I'll be de-wiring it and reconstructing it once I get my MDD's to color match it too! (I will be using acrylic paints and MSC as a sealant!) Also sorry the photo is pretty poor :,) I wasn't the one who took it!
  8. babybluebunnyboy

    MDD Mochi-Ashi with DDH27?

    Hi! I was curious if anyone possibly had photos of their MDD Mochi-ashi with a DDH27 head! I would especially appreciate it if it was in Flesh skin, but if not that's totally okay!! I'm having trouble picking the head right head shape/size for my babies I plan to get soon, and wanted to find the best head for chubby cheeks, and VERY little chin showing!
  9. Hello all! I hope this is the right place to ask this. I've been a little frustrated with the AP body, and was thinking of possibly trying to hybrid an AP head with an MDD body. I've never made a hybrid before, so I was wondering if it was possible and how would it look? Would it look okay or funky? I know there might be some size differences which I'm concerned about. Would I need an adaptor for the head?
  10. SFSakana

    My first MDD - Cherry! (DDH22)

    Sharing my new girl, also my 1st MDD! Still can't decide her name yet, let me know if you have any ideas? 😊
  11. Hi I’m really hoping to find a face up artist to work on my two MDD heads that is located in North America (Canada or the US), is there a list somewhere? I tried to use the search tool but nothing came up.
  12. Hello I'm looking to commission someone who can make a full cosplay set for my MDD Aiko. I'm specifically looking to have Testament's outfit from Guilty Gear Strive. I feel like this is a big ask and I'm not sure what to expect but if you know someone send me their contact info.
  13. missb217

    Not sure which to get

    Does anyone have the stock mdd liliru or the ddp girls ribbon and coron? I’m most likely going to be deciding between them and I’d like to see them outside of stock photos/wigs etc.
  14. So I’m finally going to have enough funds to be able to pick up either an mdd or a ddp. However as we all know they aren’t cheap and so I was hoping I could get some opinions from you lovely people on first which type I should get, and second if I should get one now or get something else like a game system I’ve had my eye on that’s roughly the same price etc. thanks in advance!
  15. SFSakana

    New MDD Boy (DDH27)

    Introducing my new boy DDH27, but yet to decide a name for him. Any suggestion is welcomed!
  16. Mo3cha

    DDH19 Dcoord Lottery MDD Arrived!

    Introducing Leah 💛 She arrived home today!
  17. chantelle

    Mio Honda on MDD and DDP

    I tried the Mio Honda head on the MDD body just for fun and thought I'd share for anyone who's curious! Personally I think the head feels a little too mature for the body. Some might think it's more do-able with a wig though. The head also literally doesn't fit the body. The neck is way too loose. At the slightest movement it spins around like there's no tomorrow. I feel like you could stabilize the head with a cork or something but I didn't try it out. I think the head might look cute on a DDP or Obi50 body. I might try it out when I receive my DDP!
  18. CalicoCollection

    MDD wrist joints

    So I'm new to Dolfie dream dolls and I just got my first MDD, I bought them knowing one of the wrist joints was wonky, I managed to get it out and sanded the peg to be slimmer so now it goes into the arm socket and stays put but I can pull it out and twist it much easier. I decided to mod the other wrist this same way but I can't get the wrist peg out. My question is is it normal for MDD wrists to be super difficult to remove or even turn in the socket? I've also had my partner try to pull it out since they have more hand strength and they couldn't get it all the way out either. I'm going to continue trying to get it to move without damaging the arm joint or lower arm casing but definitely struggling. Any and all tips are welcome.
  19. Just completed my Anya Forger custom/cosplay on my MDD Cherry. I sew the costume, styled the wig, made the hair accessories and chimera plush for her. 🥰
  20. So I’m making an attempt on the Japanese website to purchase the new doll heads but the site has been busy for like the past hour….. should I wait until the morning or keep trying? Really wanna grab the new MDD heads
  21. (This is the finished version of another topic) Hey everyone, so i have a question and i hope you guys that own a Mini Dollfie Dream can help me. So i plan to get a Mini Dollfie Dream doll, i have dreamed of owning one since January 2022 and im gonna slowly try to get the doll piece by piece. I could not use the "Insert Image from URL" do to not knowing how to do it all.. so go to the link below for the photos. Photos of Box So i got this box, its an Oculus box that my mother gave me, its 16.3/8" in Inches, i plan to use it for the doll, although i may turn it into sort of a bed lol. I plan to get a MDD body with small bust with a DDH-27 head (So i dont need to sand off lips) My question is simple.. will the doll fit in the box or will it be too big.. and show how much larger the doll will be to the box if it is too big for the box. Any help and information to help will be appreciated greatly! ^w^'
  22. After seeing DDH27 on volks's twitter I know I will have to order one for myself, and after few days of waiting and here it is. The one I ordered is the semi white one. I think I'm gonna put it on my spear MDD mochi ashi, I really like that cheek and nose Here is DDH27, Coron(who need to repainted) and DDH12(01) It's about the same size with coron, just being a bit rounder and much smaller then 01(12,13). I think its head size is about 21cm(8in), about the same with Coron. I will update this post after I finish painting it.
  23. I tried to do some research about if the Azone 45cm clothes (the ones made for the iris collect petit I believe) would fit on an MDD but I couldn't really find anything other than that some MDD and MSD clothes can fit on the Azone 45 cm doll. Does anyone know if the MDD can fit into any Azone 45 cm clothes? I am mainly looking at this one, the Petit Date set: https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10784923 But would love to know if anyone else had any experience trying them on MDD Thanks!
  24. GremlinBonDD

    GremlinBon photo thread

    I saw someone else do this on the forum and thought hey, why not! A good way to share my photos without having to make a whole new thread. I figured I would start with a fan favourite of my group- Mayumi! she has to be one of my most known girls. She was one of the first mochi in NA and just kinda kept her popularity since then. I even had people message me upset when they thought I repainted her. 😅 Anyway, I hope this keeps me consistent with posting!
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